The power of a Battery Powered Facial Cleanser

A few months ago I started using my Skin for Perfect Skin from Vanity Planet. This is a battery powered facial cleanser. The detachable brush head is spun 360 degrees as you wash your face with it. You can use any cleanser with it. I even use my Movis cleansing bar from Lush with it. What I do is wet the brush first and then I either put the liquid cleanser on the brush or rub the bar soap in until it lathers. I then wash my face all over in small circler motions.

You can use any kind of facial cleanser brush. Go high end and get the Clairsonic or save some money and get one from the drugstore. Many drugstore brands make decent ones. You do not need to spend a crazy amount of money. Vanity Planet makes facial cleansers that are hundred dollars but they often times have sales that make it only $30 bucks. Also makeup gurus on YouTube usually have a coupon if they do a sponsored video on it. That is how I got mine so cheap!

Facial cleansing brushes are so much better than your hands. It is a great gentle daily exfoliator as well. I always use only once a day at night. I find using it twice a day can be unnecessary and harsh on the skin. Plus you want to use it to get all the makeup and dirt off from the day. I personally don’t think there is a lot to wash off your face after sleeping.

I have a noticed a difference in my skin and even the color of my acne scars. The gentle exfoliating it does has help take away that dead skin. My skin definitely breaks out a lot less because of it. At the end of the school year I was becoming lazy during finals and not using anymore. I definitely noticed my skin change, and not in a good way. I started using it again and my skin got a lot better. It was less dull and was breaking out less. It was also helps get rid of the acne I already have. I have seen acne go away faster than before because of this brush. Keep in mind you will want to buy new detachable brushes. They will get dirty, old and build up bacteria, which are better to throw away after a few months!

One of these is a great investment into your skin and it really can’t hurt to try it! I highly recommend and encourage everyone to buy a facial cleansing brush for his or her routine.

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