Top 5 Tips to a Healthy Diet

Food—my worst nightmare. Well, at least it used to be. Ever since I was young I have struggled with health. Eating right was always a struggle. When I was young, I didn’t mind it very much. I knew I was bigger but it never bothered me. I got into middle school and that’s when I got bullied for my weight. Even then it bothered me, but I didn’t really think to do anything about it. I soaked everything in that anyone ever said to me and carried on with my life. High school began a new chapter in my life. With that new chapter came a new me. Someone who wanted to change. I wanted to change for me and for me only.  I was done letting people tell me what to do and how to look. This time I was going to improve myself, but still, manage to never lose myself along the way. My last years of high school I really beat down on how I was going to manage to be healthy—finally. Certain routines help for certain people, and others don’t. It’s all about finding what works for you and sticking to that wholeheartedly. For me what works is…

  1. Eating breakfast. Always eat breakfast. As a kid, you’re told it’s the most important meal of the day. Of course, the adults told the truth. You consume the important minerals, fiber, and vitamins because of breakfast. You also fuel your body and brain for the day ahead of you.
  2. Eating every meal and then some as opposed to not eating/skipping a meal. Not eating is completely a bad decision. A lot of people don’t like how they look and decide to not eat. It’s a choice that is hard to talk about but should be talked about. Not eating causes so many problems of their own.
  3. Drinking water. Water is so good. I make sure I drink the proper amount of water that you need daily. I have a cute water bottle that is decorated with festive stickers. Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring.
  4. For me, exercising can be boring and too much of a routine. Wake up, gym, go home. For me, my exercise comes from dance. I’ve been taking dance classes since I was 5. It’s a fun way to exercise and enjoy yourself. You don’t even have to take it seriously like some do. Just sign up for a salsa dancing class or a tap class. They are the most fun—I promise you.
  5. Eating fruit and vegetables every day. I like most fruits and dislike most vegetables. To get my portions, I like the V8 drinks you can buy at the store. They give you vegetables and fruit in one can. I also like salads with delicious dressing and grilled chicken. Smoothies are a must as well. My favorite is spinach, pineapple, and water. You can never go wrong.

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