How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day in Humid Summer

make makeup last all day in summer

Muggy days are a concrete deal breaker for anyone who wears makeup. When it’s hot and humid, nobody likes their makeup sticky, messy, smearing and melting all over. With the current irregular weather system, your best defense is to make sure that you are armed with the best products along with some helpful information to guarantee that your makeup stays all day. Here are some helpful tips that we have rounded up from various beauty advisers for you to ensure a no-mess, sweat-proof look:

1. Cool Off First

Working up a sweat in the sweltering summer heat and applying products after, will definitely have disastrous results. The same will be the case if you just got out of a hot shower and jump right into your makeup routine. As warm skin would tend to absorb the products more, it will eventually cause breakouts and even result in a less polished look once everything has been applied. The best workaround? Wait for about 10 minutes for your body to cool down. If in a hurry, splash cold water on your face a few times, pat yourself dry and head straight to your regular makeup routine.

2. Get That Serum

Everything starts with a good serum. It’s your best bet for a good moisturizer in this humid weather. Be wary of heavy moisturizers as they can definitely add up to the overall heaviness in your face. It is best to apply a light serum in the morning and layer it up with an oil-free foundation. Even with the hot weather, making sure that you have a good skin care base is still priceless and can do an amazing job for your overall skin health. Never take that for granted!

3. Invest in a High-Quality Primer

Yes - every beauty expert you may consult for advice would definitely agree on this one. It is a no brainer that a high-quality and oil-free primer is your saving grace to ensure that everything stays in place. Primers are just made for humid weather making your foundation last longer while preventing your makeup from creasing. Experts suggest to use it sparingly especially under the T-zone areas as primers can make your skin look dull and flat. Silicon primers are a definite no no! They have the tendency to make your skin drier, thereby producing more oil which we want to avoid at all cost.

4. Skip That Heavy Foundation and Powder

In warmer months, using a heavy foundation is a bad idea. It just melts away and slips off because of the high temperature. What’s worst? It can get cakey and mix up with your sweat that can definitely cause embarrassing lines in your face. Powders will also cause the same result. It can appear chalky and cakey while highlighting your skin’s imperfections. So much for that!

Using a product that’s lighter will definitely do the job. Try a water-based foundation or a tinted moisturizer and it’ll do wonders to your face.

5. Go Waterproof!

The last thing you would want is your sweat dripping off from your hair down to your eye makeup. It would only then take a few minutes before you can find yourself to be the star of a horror freak show. Nobody wants that. The best choice? Go waterproof! You’ll save yourself from public shame and waterproof mascaras would go a long way to withstand the summer sweating.

6. Lip Sticks For Stains

Thick lipsticks are out. Stains are in. They offer sheer coverage and are lighter in formula. Stains never clog your pores and dry completely with a matte finish.They come in awesome colors and last definitely much longer. You will never again find your hair stuck in your sticky lip gloss when you are using this product. A definite must-have for this weather!

7. Grab Those Setting Sprays

Facial mists or setting sprays act like a super glue that binds everything together to make your makeup stay in place. It hydrates your skin, refreshes your makeup and evens out those oily and patchy areas. Opt for pumps that deliver fine sprays and it will guarantee to be your last stand in sweat-proofing your makeup.

Lastly, use lesser products and only wear the essentials. It’s high time that you flaunt that summer glow. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. I’ll do wonders to your skin - and your makeup too!



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