Top 5 Tips to Avoid Acne

By: Samra

Personal hygiene is very important when dealing with acne. You need to try to avoid any contact with bacteria, can be skin to skin contact, skin to objects, skin to the atmosphere. 

Change your Pillowcases: Change your pillowcases at least every 2 to 3 days or every week. This is a major problem and solution when dealing with acne, pillows carry a ton of bacteria. On our pillows, we turn and twist our faces, our hair follows us. Hair follicles produce sebum, dirt, and grime. If you don’t wash or change your pillows, all the dirt and grime with bust into your pores causing breakouts. 

Makeup Brushes/ Blenders: Keeping your beauty brushes and blenders keep your skin safe from adding on bacteria. If you do not wash any of your brushes, you will not have the skin you want. I recommend washing your brushes and blenders at least every 2 or 3 days as well and for them to be stored in a cool, airtight container.

You can wash your brushes by 1. Take a bowl and fill it with water 2. Use any good dish soap 3. Clean your brushes out well. As well, easy on applying your makeup, do not rub your skin either, it may irritate your skin and cause breakouts. 

Avoid Touching your Face: To me, there are more bacteria on your hands than anywhere else on your body. You’re constantly touching surfaces that have been touched by hundreds of people. It can be grabbing the door to your classroom, to the bus station, bus handles, office doors, mall doors, grocery stores, and grocery carts.  Avoid placing your face on any surfaces such as a table, desk, ground, or the floor. Avoid contact and prevent future breakouts. 

Exercise and Eat Healthy: Exercising and eating healthy has always been linked to acne. By doing so, it can lower your insulin levels which cause hair growth on your skin and sebum to be produced. Try to workout at least 4 times a week to maintain or lose desired weight. Drinking more water detoxes your body of any toxins. Drinking green tea helps in losing weight, boosts metabolism and helps to detox your body. 

Clean your Phone: Spending hours typing, texting, chatting, calling your friends builds up bacteria while using your phone. If you wear makeup, the makeup rubs on your phone and when you go back to use your phone that makeup comes into contact with your skin again but adding the existing bacteria on your phone that it caught from your first use.

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