Top 5 Ways to Naturally Fade Post Acne Marks

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Top 5 Ways to Naturally Fade Post Acne Marks

by Kali Kushner




You’ve just finished your battle with a pesky pimple you’ve been trying to demolish for months, only to quickly realize its left something behind.No, it isn’t acne still lingering around or an indentation, though it may be red or have a slight discoloration;post acne markscan be tricky to treat.


Post acne marks or more commonly referred to as hyper-pigmentation, are different than acne scarring. A post acne mark is an area of skin that has changed pigmentation, usually being pink, red, purple, or brown in color. However, it doesn’t change the texture of your skin by creating a pitted area as an acne scar would. If you have skin discoloration without a change in texture (after dealing with a breakout) then you more than likely have post acne marks.


Post acne marks are usually a response to inflammatory acne, though little red or brown dots may be seen after a typical breakout as well.It’s a completely normal response to your bodies inflammation process, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying!Below are 5 of the best ways to fade post acne marks quickly, for more even, glowing, and radiant skin!




Vitamin C


Perhaps one of the most powerful acne mark and scar fighting treatments on the market,Vitamin C can be taken orally or applied topically toquickly reduce the look of post acne marks. Adding a vitamin C supplement not only speeds up the healing of wounds but it also dramatically reduces redness and inflammation in acne by calming inflammatory responses. Vitamin C helps acne pigmentation by slowing down melaninformation and supporting collagen production when applied topically. This means your spots won’t be as inflamed, irritated,or as red; in generally they will appear less visibleand be less painful. It’s a win-win for everyone!


One of my favoritevitamin Cloaded products is theBanish oil from banish acne scars. It contains vitamin C, fuerlic acid, and vitamin E oil- proving to be a powerhouse for post acne marks and acne scars.


rosehip oil


Rosehip oil tackles post acne marks in a different approach. It contains vitamins and fatty acids that work to restore the original skin color;reducing hyper-pigmentation, redness,and prevent scars from occurring.Retinol, a common ingredient found in creams and lotions for anti aging is naturally found in rosehip oil along with vitamin c, omega-3, omega-6, and linolenic acid. Rosehip oil is more of a dry oil so it absorbs quickly without leaving a heavy oily feeling.It does have a peculiar smell and an orange tinge, but that quickly disappears once applied to the skin.

In my opinion, the best Rosehip oil is created by the brandTrilogy. It is certified organic and amazing for all over hydration, repair, and strengthening the skin barrier. When looking for a rosehip oil make sure it is organic and cold pressed without anyadditives or fillers for the best results!





Not only does it added a world of flavor to any dish,Turmeric is great for your skin as well.Turmeric is amazing at treatingpostacne marks and ismost widely knownfor reducing inflammation. There are several studies proving that the effects of circumin, the yellow pigment inTurmeric, areas effective as ibuprofen in reducing pain and inflammation without all the nasty side effects. The reduction in inflammation can be seen as a decrease in redness, pain, and swelling, all associated with acne and post acne marks.Turmeric also boasts high antioxidant properties, antibacterial properties, and in all, is simply a very powerful ingredient when it comes to the treatment of acne.

Turmeric is super easy to find at any local grocery and good news is that it’s cheap! You can mixTurmeric with a dab of water and apply it as a paste to the affected area; just make sure to leave it on for no longer than 15 minutes as the bright yellow pigment can stain when left on for longer.Cocokind also makes an amazing organicTurmeric stick that’s super handy at fighting post acne marks AND it doesn’t stain!



aloe vera


If you’ve ever had a sunburn I’m sure you know what aloe Vera is. It works to soothe painful aches and speed up the healing process of burns, and when applied as ahyper-pigmentationtreatment it’s no different. It lightens scars and acts as a natural Toner to remove excess oil, dead skin cells, and reveal healthy, clear skin. Aloe, of course, also boasts anti inflammatory properties, reduces swelling, redness, and soothes pain associated with acne. The antioxidants are what help fight free radicals and repair damaged skin; specifically vitamin C, E, and zinc lighten red marks left after a breakout.


Aloe Vera can typically be found at a farmers market, Whole Foods, and fresh thyme. When you buy it by the leaf you get the most whole, effective formwithout any fillers. You can easily cut open theleaf and squeeze out the gel inside, blend it in a food processor, and wala! You have straight from the plant aloe for all of your acne and post acne mark needs.


vitamin e


Vitamin E is vital when it comes to a smooth, even complexion both when taken orally and applied topically.Although vitamin A is usually associated with skincare, you need vitamin E to regulate it! Your body stores vitamin E in your fat tissue, which then allows for use of vitamin A.Vitamin A guarantees you have healthy looking skin but without enough vitamin E, your skin can become dry and more prone to breakouts. It’s a vicious cycle with these two working hand in hand to ensure your skin is balanced.


Vitamin E oil on the other hand is great at reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, and hyper-pigmentation.It also regulates the production of collagen, lightens scars and dark spots, and promotes tissue repair.Many people use vitamin E as a way to treat or reduce cellulite and stretch marks.


Jason makes a great,natural 100% vitamin e oil that can be used all over the face and body. You can also take vitamin e gel capsules if you have them laying around and squish them open, as long as the bottle claims it’s ingredients are completely natural the gel will act in the same way to fade post acne marks.


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