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By Annie

Vitamin C works great for health and beauty, such as making sure our teeth, hair, skin lightening, anti-aging, boost the immune system of healthy activities, ... With many advantages, the body needs 75 mg vitamin C/ day. And here are 7 common vegetables in the summer, while they can provide a huge amount of vitamin C.


Tomatoes provide 24.7mg vitamin C, equivalent to 33% of daily needs. Red tomatoes contain lycopene antioxidant and cancer prevention effects are strong.


Broccoli provides 81.2mg vitamin C, equivalent to 108% daily requirement. Vegetables also good for bone calcium and 4% of  iron requirements for most women. In addition, vitamin C work parallel with the iron so the body will absorb minerals better.


Avocado provides 14.6mg of vitamin C and a lot of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats that always help cholesterol at a healthy level, and have a good effect on the brain.


Cabbage provides 12.7mg vitamin C that helps brighten the eyes, anti-aging. It also contains protein, fiber and calcium is good for your body, help clear heat, cool the body in summer.


Watermelon contains 12.3mg summer vitamin C, equivalent to 16% daily needs. In addition, watermelon provides carotenoid lycopene against cancer. 91% of water in watermelon will help your body and add water in the summer heat.


Strawberries provide 97.6mg vitamin C, equivalent to 130% of the daily requirement. It's also a source of fiber can be extremely good for digestion. Strawberries also work to lower cholesterol, burn fat, limit the process of creating wrinkles and dryness.


Pineapple provides 78.9mg vitamin C, equivalent to 105% of the daily requirement. It also provides 2.3g of fiber (10% of daily needs), and potassium helps lower blood pressure. In addition, the pineapple also prevents inflammation, aids digestion and enhance vision.

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