Vitamins to Help Reduce Acne

By: Seval

I’m not a doctor so don’t take my advice to heart. It gives a little comfort to always do your own research and to understand how your body works and how these vitamins work in your body. I will tell you the bare minimum. These are what worked for me and these vitamins are in my personal opinion the minimum you can do to get great results. Let’s be honest, any results with acne sufferers are great! A little goes a long way and it also gives us the push to strive for a little bit more.

1. Vitamin A - the key vitamin you should try to get. Be careful here as this Vitamin can also have negative side effects. Vitamin A is basically what Accutane is all about and we should all know how dangerous Accutane is. You can get Vitamin A in food form by just trying to incorporate the things that are rich in this vitamin such as sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, cantaloupe, bell peppers, fish, liver, and dark leafy greens. Those are a lot of choices to incorporate into your diet. Also, it is key to remember that Vitamin A is better absorbed with the consumption of fat.

2. Zinc – there is no real evidence here that this is an acne fighter but it is said to combat the bacteria that causes acne. Personally, I always have a positive experience when I use zinc. In my personal experience, I use it on and off. It’s not good to use it for extended periods. That’s why it is good to take a break here and there and then re-visit it. Almost always, it has a positive effect within as little as a week. This could be one of those “I have a special event” quick fixes. But in my opinion, you can use this to keep acne at bay.

3. Probiotics - this doesn't work directly on your acne. It works on correcting your digestion system which it then affects how your food is being digested making sure you are getting rid of all the bad stuff. With acne, sometimes you need to drive down to the route cause instead of slapping on a bunch of topical products. I think regardless of acne, everyone should take probiotics. With all the processed foods that are out there nowadays, our bodies are confused and at a minimum, we need to digest what we put in for optimal outer results.

4. Vitamin D – we get this from the sun and our skin loves it. Too much of it, though, not good! Abort! Abort! A daily Vitamin D is pretty simple. You can even get it in a fruity chewable tablet which I personally love. Sometimes our skin doesn’t get enough sun and sometimes we shouldn’t exactly be in the sun 24/7 because then we are going to have different problems. Basically, Vitamin D reduces the amount of oil we produce or in proper terms sebum, which is generally the cause of acne, the overproduction of sebum.

5. Biotin - one of those one-stop solution items. It doesn’t necessarily fight acne but more so the general health of the skin. It will improve hair, skin, and nails. Who doesn’t want it all?! It surely wouldn’t hurt. But with acne, there come other issues such as scarring and hyperpigmentation. Biotin with aid in the overall health of your skin.

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