What is your skin type? - Let’s find out once and for all

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I’ve had trouble figuring out my skin type. I’ve thought that I had combo skin for most of my life, but recently I found out that my skin was on the dry side. Using products that stripped my skin of dryness was very detrimental for my skin. It is extremely important to know your skin type and to buy products accordingly. Knowing your skin type is an important first step in achieving a better complexion.

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3 Steps to Determine Your Skin Type

Step 1: Find a mirror

Step 2: Examine your pores. Large pores indicate oily skin and no pores mean dry skin. Larger pores in the T- zone and no visible pores on the cheeks is combination. If your pores are neither enlarged nor invisible, you probably have skin that is normal. Congratulations!!

Step 3: Pinch Yourself. If your skin wrinkles easily, it is a sign of dry skin. 



This skin type tends to look like an orange peel. The pores are big and open. They can be seen all over the face, not just on the nose, for example. Since keeping this type of skin clean is important, a suggestion for oily skin is to exfoliate regularly. Also, heavy creams are not recommended for this skin type as this can clog pores and lead to breakouts.



While people with dry skin don’t have to worry about visible pores, it can look a bit dull and even somewhat chalky. It tends to get a little sensitive and patchy in winter, when there is a lack of moisture in the air. Regular moisturizing and investing in a gentle cleanser is the way to go for this skin type. Eating vegetables and greens has been proven to help dry skin. Drinking great amounts of water will also hydrate the skin! A tip that I have learned from my mom, who has extremely dry skin, is to buy a humidifier. It will help skin retain moisture, no matter the climate.



With combination skin, as you would expect, part of your face is oily (typically your T-zone), and part of your face is dry (usually the cheeks). With combination skin, the goal is to balance your entire complexion, getting both the oiliness and dryness to meet in the middle. Jojoba oil is great for this skin type. It helps balance the oiliness/ dryness. A cleanser that I used frequently, when I thought I had combination skin, is Origin’s Checks and Balances. It is a cleanser specifically designed for the complex combination skin, and is great!



Lucky you, normal skin rarely breaks out, and doesn’t have many skin issues to begin with. However, it is still important to cleanse and moisturize regularly. Following a thorough and consistent skincare routine will ensure nice skin, nothing with excessively harsh ingredients, of course.

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