Why Are My Acne Scars Getting Worse?

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Why Are My Acne Scars Getting Worse?

At some point in our lives, we get sick and tired of our acne appearing now and then and we can’t seem to find out what’s causing it and making it worse. But little do we know that our habits play a part in making our scars get worse as well.

As if acne itself weren’t annoying enough, pimples can leave a long-lasting mark.Acne scarscan make a depression or textural change in the surface of your skin, while post-inflammatoryhyperpigmentation creates a purple, gray, or brown mark.

There are at least 3 ways or causes of worsened acne scars:

  • UV rays
  • Picking of skin or pimples
  • Damage

We’ll elaborate how these 3 are causing your acne scars to worsen:

1)  UV Rays– We all know that a little bit of sunlight can’t hurt and we need it too for our skin, but too much exposure to it can also be harmful.

Many people believe that the sun clears skin, but what they’re seeing is the tan darkening the skin around pimples, thus making them stand out less

Our skin is sensitive to the harmful UV rays of the sun, especially exposing for a long period of time in the late afternoon. What more if we’re not slathering on some sunscreen?UV radiation and sun exposure are more likely to cause scars to discolor or take more time to heal,” says Dr. Lee. The sun’s strong UV rays are likely to trigger your melanin-producing cells and darken our skin as well as make acne scars appear more visible.

When overexposure to the sun dries skin out, the sebaceous glands (which produce the sebum that gives skin the oils it needs) go into overdrive and this excess sebum production − known as seborrhea − is one of the key stages in the formation of blemishes. 

The sun is at its strongest from 11am to 3pm, so avoid direct sunlight during these hours.

2)  Picking Your Skin– If you’re the type of person who loves to pop pimples as a way of getting rid of acne, we understand…

However, popping pimples and acne can cause trauma and damage to the skin. Pinching the skin around the pimple can increase inflammation and chances of infection, leading to permanent scarring.

A pimple is a contained infection of a pore. Your hands carry oils as well as bacteria and touching or squeezing your pimples can cause bacteria to spread around further which may lead to further inflammation of the skin. Not only does rubbing and scratching a blemish leave bacteria from your hands, but picking can create more inflammation.

Excoriated acne is characterized by an intense, uncontrollable urge to squeeze and pick at every pimple on the skin — even a tiny, barely noticeable blemish. Squeezing the occasional pimple isn't considered excoriated acne — it occurs only when the habit becomes constant and uncontrollable. Just because you squeeze an occasional pimple , it doesn’t automatically mean that you getexcoriated acne – it only occurs when you habitually pick your skin.

Every time you pop a pimple, you’re forcefully pushing the contents (which are the bacteria, oil and debris) out of the acne bump, leaving you an open wound.

3)  Damage– Damaging your skin or acne as it heals only worsens the acne scars. Acne scarring may look like shallow indentations or lesions on your face (though they can occur anywhere on your body). Some acne scarring may be permanent.

A loss or gain of collagen occurring during this process may also possibly lead to worsen acne scars. The main reason for the formation of acne scars is the damage to the skin during the healing of acne. Leaving inflammatory acne untreated can also cause damage to your skin and worsen your acne scars.

While smaller blemishes can still scar the skin, it's thebig guys that usually do the damage. Because they extend deeper into the skin, deep nodular breakouts or cystic breakouts are more likely to destroy skin tissue and leave scars.

“Acne scars result from a complex and abnormal inflammatory response, which results in poor wound healing,” saysKara Shah, MD, a board-certified general and pediatric dermatologist with Kenwood Dermatology in Cincinnati.

There are a lot of common skin care habits or mistakes that could possibly worsen your acne scars but let me end up with these three in mind.

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