Why Showing Off Your Acne on Instagram is the Hot New Trend You WANT to Try

Why Showing Off Your Acne on Instagram is the Hot New Trend You WANT to Try
By: Kali Kushner

Goodbye are the days of feeling ashamed over your skin, hiding behind makeup, and using countless filters to smooth over your acne. What’s the biggest, craziest thing trending in the world of social media right now? Showing your bare face on Instagram. Got a pimple? Take a selfie. No edits, no filters, no makeup; completely embracing every little bit. Acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, wrinkles, and all. It’s a call against societies unrealistic beauty standards, and more importantly a stand against the more recent trend of overly edited makeup photos which are oftentimes amplified through Instagram with lighting, filters, face tune, and makeup. These standards can have a serious impact on our self esteem and create insecurities within individuals who don’t measure up. 

Where Social Media Insecurities Stem From

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel” 

Girl’s especially struggle with insecurities on social media. They are constantly bombarded with social media stars telling them to be skinny, fit, have a flawless complexion, and show skin- but not too much skin. Telling them how to look, act, and dress in order to be perfect, or to be beautiful. 

It’s even hard not to feel insecure when scrolling through your Facebook feed and watching all your friends get married, have kids, or buy a house. So what’s the number one thing you can do to combat these feelings? Staying off social media would be the logical response but if you were born in the 90’s or after, you would probably agree that social media is now ingrained in our daily lives. In fact, I would go as far as saying that it is considered a part of our social responsibility to interact with friends and family on a daily basis. So, the number one thing you can actually do without completely going off the grid? Believe in yourself. It’s that simple.

Combatting Insecurities By Embracing Yourself

This is the real deal with showing off your bare skin online and where skin positivity comes into play. The skin positivity movement is all about believing in yourself and believing that you are beautiful regardless of what ridiculous standards our society currently holds. Showing bare faced pics online helps combat insecurities in three major ways, by normalizing acne, building confidence, and connecting with a larger community. 

Normalize Acne and Crush Stereotypes

On the long list of taboo subjects; periods, digestion issues, and female sexuality, acne is definitely at the top. No one wants to talk about it, if you have acne you don’t want to show it or accept you have it, and feelings are oftentimes hurt when we are not prepared to talk about it. Normalizing acne by showing bare pictures of your face, going a few days without makeup, or talking openly about it is helping society to become more understanding and crushing past stereotypes. 

People now know that poor hygiene, diet, or lack of exercise are no longer to blame for their skin woes but rather hormones, genetics, and generally things that are out of our control. Normalizing acne is helping our society to become more tolerant and understanding of people who are different, without judgment or reservations. Which is pretty cool if you ask me!

Own The Skin You're In

It seems counter intuitive but sharing your biggest insecurity online can actually help to build confidence. Taking pictures of your skin in its current state, acne, scars, wrinkles and all can help you to accept yourself for who you are. Self-acceptance of your outward appearance can lead to feelings of confidence and squash insecure tendencies. Confidence is important for your overall health, helping you to create better relationships, better quality work, and be more connected with your surroundings. 

Those who struggle with acne typically have problems with their confidence, feeling less than and self-conscious about their skin or what others might think of them. Posting bare faced selfies can help you embrace your "imperfections" and let go of these fears. Instead of being worried about covering up your skin or hiding away, flip the script and own what you’re working with. Your confidence might be contagious and inspire someone else who’s struggling with their skin as well.

There's A Community For That!

Acne can be isolating, to say the least. It can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and insecurities that can quickly spiral out of control. The best thing about social media is that there are communities for everything; foodies, makeup lovers, wellness advocates, fitness gurus, and now even people who want to share their skincare and acne stories! This is great news for acne sufferers because you can gather tips and tricks on diets, products, and lifestyle changes that may be beneficial to your skin. 

You may be able to find a review on a product that you were looking at buying or an acne busting smoothie that’ll clear your skin in just a few days. You can also connect with people of the same mindset and share stories or feelings of frustration that often come with acne. 

Don't Forget About The Trolls

If you do plan on sharing bare faced pics prepare for some backlash from the internet. Acne and other skin conditions are becoming more widely accepted but there are still misconceptions that can be hard to get away from. People may offer you unsolicited advice or leave hurtful comments but realize that with each post you are helping to normalize acne and build a more understanding world. Most people will share positive thoughts and experiences so don't let the negative ones deter you!


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