Banish It - Living With Eczema and Psoriasis | Episode 2

banish it with daisy jing



“Acne is more of a mental health condition especially if you have it on your face. Unlike with eczema, it wasn’t on my face so I can hide it.”




Today’s episode is the first time Daisy opens up about a personal skin condition that she's been hiding. 

As the CEO of a skincare company, Daisy is conquering the fear of feeling ashamed about telling the world about her skin issues.   

In this episode Daisy shares: 

  1. The physical and emotional struggles dealing with eczema and psoriasis
  2. How to overcome insecurity from skin issues 
  3. How acne and eczema affected Daisy’s mindset  
  4. The treatments for eczema and psoriasis
  5. Moral of my eczema struggle

Show notes: 

1:04 - Eczema and psoriasis are the skin issues that Daisy is struggling with. She never mentions these on her social media. 

2:30 - Itchiness is painful, unconsciously scratching her elbows and waking up to see dead skin on her bedsheet. The temptation to scratch is unavoidable. 

3:00 - Eczema is the mirror image of Daisy’s body. 

3:15 - Daisy forgot how it feels to be insecure until her eczema came. During her teenage years, she has dealt with her insecurities caused by her acne. Little did she know that later in life, she will still feel the same because of another skin issue.

4:28 - The CEO felt ashamed because has a skincare line but her skin is erupting into something that she can’t control. The struggle is real and difficult. 

6:55 - The home remedies and treatments Daisy has tried to calm itchiness caused by eczema. 

9:40 - New Banish product that she is using to get rid off itchiness and inflammation from eczema. Dry skin and itchiness go away.

10:05 - She is worth more than her skin.  It doesn’t define who she is. 


Daisy remains positive. She is worth more than her skin. “My skin doesn't affect who I am, it's only ME who gives it permission to let it affect and control my confidence. From this experience, I've learned, no matter what happens to my skin, acne, scars, psoriasis, wrinkles, age spots, etc. I will always love myself and learn to embrace whatever my body is going through.”


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