Why you Should Start Exercising Today

By: Tierney

Exercise is so good for your skin. It dilates the blood vessels of your skin - this is what makes your skin really red, which although doesn’t look very good, it really is a beneficial thing. It gets all of the blood vessels pumping and circulating, which in return, will create a healthy appearance. 

Exercise is good not only for your bones but for your entire body. You can tell a lot about a person from their skin- how much they care about their body, how much they care about their appearance, and how much they care about their health in general. 

I noticed that when I work out, it makes my skin feel amazing. The endorphins are so high when you work out, that afterward, everything feels better. When I’m done working out and I’m sweating a lot, I believe that’s the best feeling in the entire world. Once the sweat stops, my skin feels the smoothest it ever would. You have that natural glow to you. It’s almost like you sparkle. 

Not only that physical benefit, but the emotional and mental benefit of working out is amazing as well. When I’m stressed, I break out. The hormones go crazy, and I go nuts as well. Stress is definitely a leading cause of acne, and unfortunately, stress will never be completely gone. There will always be stress in your life, but that doesn’t mean there has to be acne that goes with it for the rest of your life. 

Stress, though, can be relieved by working out. When you’re working out, you can burn off all the steam that you have that is causing you stress. If you are working it out, then you won’t be building it up. And trust me, your face will thank you for that. Not only will exercise help you to decrease your stress, but it will also make you drink more water! And we all know how amazing water can be for your skin. 

Honestly, working out has so many ways of helping your skin. You will sparkle, not sweat. You will not only have the body that you want but also the skin that you want! Both your body figure and skin will look younger. Make sure to try to eliminate stress as much as you can, by breathing and meditating. A great way to do this is yoga! This helps you breathe, manage stress, as well as strength your body. This is returns creates sweat, makes your body work out, and ultimately, creates an overall healthier body, head to toe!

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