Why You Shouldn’t Drink Milk

By Meghan

Remember all those posters in your school and the nurse’s office that said “Got Milk?” It always had a celebrity on it with a milk mustache. They were encouraging us to drink milk because of the claims it has to our health. Well they were wrong! Dairy turns out to be the worst thing for your skin ever! It actually makes oily skin even oilier! Causing acne and aging.

It is all the hormones inside the milk. From a vegan aspect you have to think about why all this milk is produced. To grow baby cows into big ones! The same thing humans do for their babies. But the milk from a cow has a lot more in it than we need. Especially when the farms pump more crap into the milk. This sadly includes cheese, ice cream, butter and all of it.

The milk we consume comes from pregnant cows so it contains hormones and insulin growth factors that only cause the inflammation, breakouts and aging. Think about what cows natural produce to grow those cows and we put that in our bodies! Some scientists have said that milk is why each generation gets taller and taller. Seems a little unnatural to me.

Since cutting out dairy myself my skin has made a difference. My breakouts are no longer as severe. Some of my friends have even taken it out of their diet and noticed a differenced. There was a time when I decided to not care and I would pour regular milk in my cereal. This was a bad idea I broke out so bad! I knew it was the dairy so I took it out of my diet again and my skin clamed back down. Try the dairy free diet and your skin could really clear up. You will probably even loose a few pounds, especially if you are very strict with it!

For my cereal lovers substitute dairy milk for rice milk! There is no difference in taste and its better for you! Also don’t feel like you can’t have ice cream when your friends want to go to the ice cream stand. I also still eat pizza occasionally. I don’t completely deprive myself from dairy but I never drink straight milk. I try to go a few days dairy free every week. Definitely still treat your self just don’t make dairy a daily thing and it should definitely change your skin.

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