Banish It - Why I Wasn't Happy & How To Be Happy | Episode 3

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“No matter whatever status symbols I had, my feelings of self-doubt were still there and I felt like I didn’t belong.”


Today’s episode presents Daisy’s vulnerability. Being accomplished and empowered as she is, Daisy willingly shares her thoughts which make her feel less happy. 

In this episode Daisy narrates about:  

  1. Reasons why she is not happy and feeling unfulfilled 
  2. Her struggles growing up being different from others 
  3. The coping on achieving a sense of belongingness
  4. All about her family 
  5. The CEO’s dreams for Banish 
  6. Her desire to create a movement that will empower women and uplift confidence 
  7. Daisy’s life-vision 

Show notes: 

0:45 - Why Daisy wasn’t happy with her life. 

1:10 - Daisy was poor, looked different and ugly when she was younger. When she grew up, she promised herself that she wouldn’t feel the same way again.

3:00 - Daisy thinks that if she doesn’t have acne and acne scars, people will like her and she will be respected. She didn’t want to feel left out.

7:00 - She wasn’t happy because she realized that all she ever worked for didn’t really matter because there will be issues along the way. Her insecurities, self-doubt and feeling to belong were still not solved.

9:00 - More money comes more stress. She believes that the more money you have, the more it takes to maintain it.

10:55 - Just like having clear skin. The more she gets flawless skin, although not 100%, the more she gets anxious whenever she gets a pimple thinking that it will leave her with a new scar. 

14:00 - Talks about her family. She loves her family a lot. Her mother makes her realize a lot of good things about their journey as a family. 

16:45 - How hard it is to make it to America. There are struggles and conflicts. Her parents formed strong grounds for the family. 

17:35 - All about her brother 

20:40 - Her life has been entrapped in achieving everything then she realized later on that life is not all about that.

21:05 - Daisy found inspiration and influences from Oprah.

22:30 - Daisy’s goal to make BANISH the number 1 and the only at-home acne scarring treatment. Make it a household name and a household product

29:30 - Her desire to leave a legacy. Empowering women is one of her ambitions by creating a movement full of opportunities. 

Daisy has big dreams not for herself but for the women around the globe. She wanted to continue inspiring women to become warriors regardless of struggles and insecurities. She said, “That would make me happy because not only are we selling good products at Banish but we are also helping people heal internally.” The path that she is walking to is making her happy because she can leave a legacy through it. 


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