Felicia Lee: Host of Beauty Within. Managing a Large Beauty, Lifestyle and Wellness Channel | Episode 12

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“It all starts from within. We want to inspire our viewers to be better versions of themselves through our beauty and wellness content that resonates with their daily lives.”


Beauty Within looks into the world of skincare, beauty, and wellness. Their mission is to help their viewers become better versions of themselves through knowing about all the products out there and how our body functions uniquely. 

Felicia has lived in a fast-paced city and always pushing her limit to grow. Starting the Beauty Within channel has been one of her most life-changing experiences. 

It started as Asian Beauty Secrets and was rebranded to Beauty Within 2 years ago. Innovations are greatly considered because they know that the space of YouTube and Beauty is changing rapidly. They also wanted to reach larger markets and produce more relatable content.

Beauty Within is now more focused on skincare and lifestyle mindset as a holistic way of living. The competition will always be there, but Felicia is assured that Beauty Within’s heart is in each piece of content. Obstacles come and go, which is inevitable in any industry. 

She emphasized that materialistic purpose is never victorious to any industry. A grounded purpose can make a difference. They aim to establish Beauty Within as a symbol of self-identity by being an avenue to finding what we are made of. Connecting the inner and outer worlds.  

Although viewers don’t see it, there is a lot of complicated work behind the scenes. She recognizes the important role of a team’s unified effort in achieving the goals. 

We can get a hold of our beauty and flaws, and piece them together to make us whole. And it’s that wholeness comes from embracing all of who we are. Authenticity is huge! This is where inner growth stems from.

Listen to how Felicia shares her vulnerabilities- as a business person, host, and purposeful woman. 


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