How to Prepare a TED Talk | Episode 13

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Behind the scenes, there is a lot of work involved. It is never an easy experience to accomplish a lifelong goal- to give a TEDx talk! 

Daisy always wanted to share her acne story which is fundamental to where and what she is today. It is her mission to inspire others to embrace self-love and authenticity.


Questions To Ask Yourself:

Why Give A TEDx Talk? “Why do I want to give a TED talk?”  What is your intention? List down the reasons and draw motivation from them. 

What? “What is the message that I want to share?”  Daisy considers her own story as the fitting message to share. Acne has been a huge part of her life story and made her who she is today.

How? Going on the TEDx stage as the platform to share her message! There were so many preparations involved before doing the talk. Dedication and commitment are vital to delivering a memorable speech.

Find out how Daisy made her TED Talk a success! Today She shares helpful tips in preparing for her speech and what happens behind the scenes.



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