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“First and foremost, there is no ABSOLUTE rule for what to CUT OUT during pregnancy. It all depends on how conservative you want to be.”



Now that the cat’s officially out of the bag, Daisy shares her challenging stories from the first trimester! 

Harmful exposures during the first trimester have the biggest risk of causing birth defects. This is because many important developmental changes take place during this time. The major structures of the body form in the first trimester.

Cardboard in the uterus!?!? Can you imagine how it feels like? That is how Daisy can describe after knowing that she is pregnant. Along with this are challenges that first-time pregnancy brings. There are physical and mental agonies. She has so much respect for the mothers out there for braving the challenges of pregnancy! 

The baby will change a lot during the first trimester, rapidly developing from the first hints of life into a peach-sized fetus. While life inside her womb is growing, Daisy is experiencing physical and emotional disturbances. Constant nausea, dizziness, and feeling like her stomach were on fire. Everything tasting like metal. What?!?! Her migraines and being super hot with diarrhea and cold sores, so many on her list to mention. 

All-day sickness! Daisy believes that it is truly a miracle that she is able to keep everything going work-wise and even personally. 


She has NO IDEA how BAD it was going to be. She always sees photos of cute bumps and women glowing. “I’m so excited about this second trimester. This pregnancy has made me realize that every great life experience has so many ups and downs. And in the end, it is ALL worth it.” It’s so surreal to think about that in a few months from now, Daisy will have the little love of her life. 



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