Lea Alexandra: The Skin Mindset Expert | Episode 9

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“Through a lot of mindset work and reprogramming I was not only able to heal my skin from the inside out, but I also became the happiest, most confident version of myself.”


Have you tried to imagine the “ifs” in your life? Lea Hoeppel is a skin mindset expert and a Banish Warrior for over a  year. She has grown so much and has contributed significantly to the skincare community. 

Lea started her The Butterfly Academy. It is a 6-week program designed for women to feel confident in their skin again, learn not to allow their acne to rule their lives and free their skin from worries, fears, and stress. Stop the vicious cycle of fear and scare 

What you focus on expands! Mindset is the most important aspect when it comes to healing, confidence, and self-love. Nothing will work if the approach is with a negative mindset. 

Lea believes in the power of the Law of Attraction-  uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.  

Go to the root cause: YOU! Anything that we do should not be heroic or big acts but simplicity is equally important. Insecurity comes from how YOU look at your own self. YOU need to take that first step! 

YOU have to create YOUrself and develop into your most confident and healed self. 

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