How To Get Abs: Intermittent Fasting vs High-Intensity Strength Training | Episode 7

banish it with daisy jing
“Having an ab crack or being fat, skinny or fit or curvy does not make you different as a person. Having it doesn’t change the way you are. It doesn’t define you.”


After YEARS of trying to lose weight on my belly (and believe me, it seemed impossible), I finally figured out how to get that coveted ab crack! Counting calories/going vegan/keto did not work for me, but these two secrets did!


In this episode Daisy talks about: 


  1. What is an ab crack
  2. How intermittent fasting works
  3. The adjustment from doing intermittent fasting 
  4. How high-intensity strength training works for her 


Show notes: 

1:32 - Intermittent fasting: subjecting to a long period of time without eating. 

2:20 - She takes on intermittent fasting to get rid of her migraine 

3:35 - It took her 2 weeks to fully adjust in skipping breakfast 

3:53 - Daisy is not particular in her diet. She still eats normal foods but only not taking breakfast til later time of the day.   

5:05 - She lost 6-7 pounds with intermittent fasting  

5:30 - High-intensity Strength Training: best to do in the mornings and on a complete fast 

6:30 - Sweating even after a shower- so intense training 

7:05 - Not an easy journey in the beginning but seeing results makes it a routine already 

9:30 - Results came in after 2-3 months: ab crack is visible 

10:26 - Consistency is really important to achieve an ab crack 


Be mindful of how your workout is affecting you. Overdoing it is not healthy at all. Do plan rest days as well. Any activity is better than none at all. It is beneficial for making regular physical activity part of your lifestyle. 

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