Pregnancy Symptoms at 20 weeks, Food Poisoning | Episode 8

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“As long as you’re authentic to yourself and express your truth; blessings will come in the most unexpected ways” 

Being a ‘control freak’ has helped me in my career and business success. I’ve learned hard work, persistence, and grit has helped me overcome so many obstacles in business. However, in more personal affairs, my ‘control freak’ nature isn’t as conducive.

What I’ve learned through this journey: there are many things you cannot control in life. Even in personal relationships, you cannot control someone else. Even the success of a business has an element of luck to it. When growing a human being or a family, you only have so much control. What is most important is to be your authentic self and the right people and blessings will come in their time. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve learned to enjoy the journey instead of trying to ‘control it’. Just like my first baby, Banish; my second baby also happened by happenstance. But I don’t believe either was an ‘accident’; I was living in my truth and in that, life gives you so many unexpected blessings. 

I really wanted to be a mom but wasn’t sure when the ‘right time’ would be. Should she wait until she is more ‘settled’? But with waiting too long, there are unexpected consequences and you cannot race biology. 

Getting pregnant is something that we do not have control over. In your early days, you are taught you should do everything to avoid getting pregnant. Then it’s like a switch happens at 30, and that’s all people are trying to do. 

I have always been an advocate of authenticity. I am never afraid to share my vulnerabilities. From how I started Banish, I did it by speaking my truths from fears, insecurities, influence, and focus. Even my affirmations and problem-solving are highlighted. 



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