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“We often think 'Is acne normal?' as we grow up with acne. How do you talk to your kids about acne? Acne is so much more than just surface-level, it can affect one's self-confidence, self-worth and a person's day to day activity can be highly affected.”

As someone who has dealt with acne almost all her life, Daisy wanted to share some tips on how you can start a conversation with your children about acne and how to normalize acne. 

In this episode Daisy shares about: 

  1. What is acne, what really causes acne. 
  2. What’s the importance of skin hygiene in terms of overall health
  3. How to address acne when a child starts to breakout.
  4. How to talk to a child about skin positivity, how to talk to people about acne.

Show notes: 

2:15 - Acne and its causes. Addressing the myths about acne like does chocolate cause acne, does not washing your face cause acne? 

3:55 - Hygiene is important because it is part of being healthy, but focus on the health part instead of the beauty part of it. 

5:15 - When a child starts to breakout, It is important not to dictate a child’s appearance and self-worth. The personal experience felt a lot of parental pressure from acne, too much-unsolicited advice can make it seem like a big problem in the child’s eyes. 

6:10 - Skin positivity is accepting that your skin is a part of who you are. Perfection is a made-up thing made by society. Everyone’s skin is different.

10:15 - Tell and show your child that acne has nothing to do with someone’s self-worth. 

Discussing acne with your kids isn’t always easy. We want to change our children’s thoughts about how they feel about themselves or how they view themselves in the world. 

People who tell them differently is setting artificial standards. Acne being a skin issue is a neutral thing. Society labels it as negative. Don’t make acne a negative thing, promote skin positivity which can be very powerful. 

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