Janelle Marie Rodriguez: How To Handle Rejection? | Episode 17

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In this episode, Janelle Marie Rodriguez shares her experience of what it was like being in the entertainment industry. She also shared her thoughts about mental health, tips on dealing with rejection and more. 

About Janelle Marie Rodriguez

> She’s a journalist and an entertainer

> Started her career in dance and has been on national commercials at a young age

> She moved to LA and made her debut as an actress and guested in some series (Constantine & NCIS: LA)

> She became a host for Disney Channel's movie surfers and she's now a mental health advocate

Two years ago, Janelle Marie experienced something very tragic and had to go through therapy which made her consider mental health as something really important. She shared that when you are going through a tough time, self-care is very important - not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. If you get rejected, always put it in mind that there's something else bigger and better waiting for you. She also reminded us that during tough times, always remember that you are not alone as we will always have a trusted adult or companion to talk to.


Show notes: 

Janelle on mental health (1:53)

How Janelle keeps going in her job (6:10)

Janelle's tips to handle rejection (7:00) 

Advice on finding a therapist (8:56)

Tips on how to be truly happy (24:07)

Lightning round (28:33)


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