Coronavirus - The Pandemic | Episode 16

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In this episode, Daisy shares how she feels about the recent situation brought about by the Coronavirus or known as COVID19. Everything gets affected by the ongoing spread of this epidemic, from running a business to socialization as well as everyone's overall health. 

Daisy also shares some tips on how to cope and what to do during community quarantine. Remember that Coronavirus is not permanent and that this epidemic will also pass. Everything will be back to normal but for now, it's really important for us to follow rules and stay at home.



Show notes: 

Daisy's thoughts on Coronavirus (1:03) 

Effects of Coronavirus (2:05)

Tips on how to overcome Coronavirus (6:21)

How BANISH is being affected (19:30)

How BANISH is helping even in the midst of COVID (20:10)

Encouragement from Daisy (23:05)



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