Truth Behind the Beauty : Juvi

Truth Behind the Beauty : Juvi

"loving myself was something
that I never thought
could be possible"

Truth behind the beauty
Featuring : JUVI

 Where I Grew Up: I was raised with both parents and a younger brother so, no sisters and the only female idol that I looked up to was my mom. She never really wore makeup, so as far as the beauty side of it, it took me a long time to finally start wearing makeup. You know, she didn't use it and she was like ¨You dont really need it¨. Overall, I think I was raised pretty well. With my parents around I learned both english and spanish (Interviewer: oh great! Habla español entonces tambien?) (Juvi: Si si si Dominicana *laughs*)

I think people follow me because I´m funny (laughs). No, seriously I have a lot of fun making the videos. And I think that´s something people can relate to especially when it comes to confidence, mainly because we are subject to being these perfect beauty bloggers. You can have fun, and still be pretty, and goofy at the same time.

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1. What do your family or friends think of your influencer career?  Do they watch your videos? As of recently they started watching because I started telling them that more people are becoming more aware of the influence that I have. They are actually pretty supportive, as far as being an influencer. My mom used to always come in the room when I was recording, cause I record from my room. Everything is done from my room, that´s the Juvi headquarters hahaha

2. Do you work a regular full time or part time job along with being a beauty influencer? Yes I work a 9-5, I work in eyewear and pretty much, the beauty blogger turned into a hobby which is now like a part time!

3. Do you think people know how much work goes into being a blogger? What do you think people imagine you do? I do not think they know how hard it is to be a beauty blogger because you have to have a lot of knowledge to be able to educate people. You have to have courage in order to be in front of the camera, talking to people or doing your makeup you have to be confident in knowing that your work is worth them watching you

4. What is your creative process like? To be honest it is really random, I´m serious. I can look up at the sky and something will inspire me. I recently recorded a video on aloe vera and the idea came when I was getting out of work and I was actually on my way to the gym and I took a detour. I went to the grocery store, bought everything, recorded, edited, posted it the same night cause I was so excited. I´m inspired by my surroundings and then an idea would come from that.

5. What is a day´s work like? I wake up like at 6:30, get ready for work, I don't wear any makeup ironically hahaha. I am beauty blogger but I dont wear a lot of makeup during the week. It´s usually in the evenings when I am recording or during the weekends if I am going out. Monday thru Friday I dont wear makeup, I wake up put on my clothes do my hair and out the door. Go to work, drive home or the gym depending if it´s a Zumba class that night hahaha. When I get out around 8 pm if I dont have any videos prerecorded then I´ll record them and finish by midnight sometimes 1, depending on how many I want to record that night, usually I go to sleep pretty late, like sometimes 3 am.

6.What is the hardest skill you've had to learn? Hmm good question, I think it has to be editing. I would say editing BUT, to be honest it´s eye shadows haha. Because with that comes a lot of techniques that people use. Everyone has a different eye shape, so as far as trying to be conscious of other people aside from me and trying to teach it in a more universal way..that has been a challenge for me.

7. How do you keep Inspiration flowing?  I have a vision board that I recently made, actually a bit before the views started going up. The vision board includes a lot of my dreams and some of them have been dreams since I was really little. I like to say that I am very ambitious person, so if I want something I will do whatever it takes to get it,as far as you know keep going and keeping that alive. And I have a notebook, I keep it with me, and aside from being a book of ideas, it´s also a reminder that I want to be some form of leader and a guide to people.

8. What would you say is the most tedious process of your job? I think it is coming up with funny catch phrases that people will understand hahaha, like little puns so they get my humor.

9. What is the most satisfying part of your job? When the video is complete hahaha, and all the positive feedback that I get from people watching, sometimes not every video will get hundreds of thousands of views or likes but there´s still people who believe in you even though they are complete strangers, knowing that there´s still people that are on your team and wanna see you push through

10. What are some of your main struggles you face with as a beauty blogger? For me it has a lot to do with time, because I do work a 9-5, some days I can´t even lie I do come home extremely exhausted, depending on how much work I did for the day. The main thing is really time. Making the time to post on the day I said I was going to, or record the amount of videos that I wanted to record that day.

11. Are there any times where you've had a crazy fan? If so, tell us about your crazy fan story Hmm I only have one. There has been someone who has been sending me numerous messages through IG direct message and I already had like a weird creep vibe haha, so I didn't respond unfortunately, but it kept going and got to a point when they even emailed me with the same things they were telling via direct message hahaha

12. Have you ever had a moment when you felt like giving up? What kept you going? Yes a few times. In the beginning I did, specially when you don’t see results. But any journey that you start you’re gonna have struggles and things don’t happen overnight. But I did feel like giving up in the beginning cause I didn’t know what I was doing

13. Do other influencers ever get jealous of each other? Have you experienced this within the community? I haven’t experienced it personally but I have heard stories. I became really good friends with an influencer. We have been helping each other, we both have been growing our presence at the same time, and she told me stories that she´s experienced and I´m already like ¨oh I´m not even all that exposed to it yet¨ I think I´m really new, I haven’t personally experienced the jealousy, but it does exist.

14. How often do you compare your numbers to those of your peers? I think it´s a natural thing for us to look at others numbers once in a while. I do, and I´m just being honest here, but I dont let them define me. I am a very positive person. If I do look at numbers I look at it as a goal, if someone does have higher numbers it´s like ¨oh good for them that they got this far, I hope to reach that at some point¨

15. Are there times you've felt like this industry has made you feel self conscious of how you present yourself on camera and online? Yes, because this is all new to me, these numbers starting going up within the last couple of months so the attention that I´ve been getting is something that I´m not used to, so I do feel that I do have to curate what I put on my IG stories or kinda hold some information because I don´t want stalkers following me somewhere hahaha


16. What do your family or friends think of your influencer career?  Do they watch your videos? As of recently they started watching because I started telling them that more people are becoming more aware of the influence that I have. They are actually pretty supportive, as far as being an influencer, my mom used to always come in the room when I was recording, cause I record from my room, everything is done from my room, that´s the Juvi headquarters hahaha

17. What is your biggest physical insecurity? It has to be my thighs, my legs, being from Dominican descent haha. I do have big hips and sometimes I´m like uugghh I cant deal with all of this I wish I could just give some away. (Interviewer, maybe it is a reason to be proud, I mean look at JLo) HAHAHA YOU ARE RIGHT and people do tell me the same thing, they´re like, ¨oh girl I wish I had that problem!¨ hahaha

18. The best and worst comment you received and how you dealt with that The best comment was that I inspired them in some way and I do get that once in a while, people telling me that I inspired them, and it makes me tear up because Im like ¨me I really did inspire you? I really did that for you?¨ It makes you really excited to hear that it´s happening because I was a really insecure person, so for people to tell me this it´s like wow so I´m really doing this. I was really insecure with weight, with acne, with a lot of things, I was even depressed, starting youtube and IG helped me get through it. The worst comment it´s probably when they say that I make stupid faces in my videos hahaha, or that whatever I post is stupid, I recently posted a video about nails, it´s me putting on stick on nails, and the whole point of the video, if you wanna look expensive or fancy on a budget, without really spending the fancy money... and some people were just telling me like ¨what is the point of the video, it´s stupid, wow I know how to put on nails you don´t have to teach me¨ and I was like well you´re not gonna get the humor, at the end of the day you dont know how hard, what it takes to make this video, that you think is pointless and useless, but it´s not my problem so hahaha

19.What do you try to hide from your audience? Probably a lot of my personal life. If there´s problems going on in my life I won't share that, but it´s not like I hide it completely. Like last week wasn't a really good week for me. I didn't feel like myself, ended up posting a video of me saying like you know today hasn't been a good day but you know, we are not perfect, something along those lines. And some of my, I call them friends I don't call them followers, some of my new friends wrote to me and said very uplifting things but for the most part I don't go into detail. I guess that is kinda hiding a little bit.

20. Name a fact about you that most people probably don't know about. I was in a pageant when I was five haha. It was a really Dominican pageant. It was organized by a whole bunch of my family, my parents, friends.. it was a legitimate pageant and I came first place in my division. And that was because I sang a really cute song, (Interviewer: oh so you sing too?) NO not really, but in the pageant I sang a song. I sing in the shower, the car, but not in public hahaha

21. Has your concept and views on social media and vloggers changed from when you weren´t a part of it? How? Yes, I was so scared of it and I would judge it ¨these girls with all these followers, they just want attention, what is it that they even do?¨ It was a lot going on and I was dealing with a lot of insecurities, so all I was putting out there in the universe was just negative energy, and I thought it was just a scheme for attention. Once I became a part of it I was like no, there is actually nice people in the industry and it´s not only for attention.

22. Describe some of your favorite moments that you've experienced during your journey as a beauty influencer. For me, a lot of my close friends that didn't know I was into it, some asking me questions about it and just generally being interested in what I do, not just the beauty world, but also when it comes to the editing because I find editing a lot of fun, a lot of people probably dread it but I love it, I get to love myself a little more cause I´m just looking at myself the whole time hahaha. And just overall the comments and support, I´ve been putting out so much positive energy that I´m getting more positive than negative, so for me it´s like I actually have a team, I have friends here, and it feels good to have a support team

23. Lastly, what is the most important message you´d like to share with the world? To really love yourself, coming from the place where I came from as far as the depression, loving myself was something that I never thought could be possible, and you hear everyone talking about it like ¨oh yeah you have to love yourself¨ but when you're feeling so low it´s hard to look at the light at the end of the tunnel, so I think once you do start to really love yourself everything will begin to manifest because you are sure of who you are.

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