Truth Behind the Beauty: Sophie

Truth Behind the Beauty: Sophie


Truth behind the beauty
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I was raised here in Italy, my life has always been happy. I´ve had a few problems with bullying when I was in high school and mainly that´s why I try to tell my followers to be confident with themselves as much as they can. Now that I am in college, I have learned to love myself the way I am and to defend myself from other people who try to make you not love yourself.

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Let's Dig A Little Deeper

Why do you think people follow you?
On IG you can see a lot of people that you can feel that are fake. Fake smiles, fake lips, etc... so I think when they see me, they see I am pretty genuine and I really try to show myself for who I am. I share my emotions, my happiness, my sadness, when I am angry. My followers tell me almost every day that they like me for these reasons.

Tell me a little about your background, like where you were raised and how life was like growing up.
I was raised here in Italy, my life has always been very happy, I´ve had a few problems with bullying when I was in highshool and mainly that´s why I try to tell my followers to be confident with themselves as much as they can. Now I am in college, I have learned to love myself the way I am and to defend myself from other people who try to make you not love yourself

Do you work a regular full time or part time job along with being a beauty influencer?
No I study for college.

What do your family or friends think of your influencer career? Do they watch your videos?
Yes my family and my real friends watch them always, and they are very supportive. But at the beginning some people were a little bit like ¨oh my god who does she think she is¨ so I was a little bit afraid to show myself for who I was with my passion and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how people would react, but when people see that maybe you get a little bit of following and success they´re all your friends immediately haha, but the real people that really matter to me have always been there since day one

Do you think people know how much work goes into being a blogger? What do you think people imagine you do?
Absolutely not. I imagine people think I wake up like almost a princess in a movie, perfect hair and smile, imagine I have a perfect body, when of course, when you take a picture of yourself you try to take a good picture, so that´s not how I am all the time. And I don´t feel like they know how much work you have to put in one video to edit it, to find the right music, things people don´t think about. Because I know when I wasn't a beauty vlogger I didn't think of those things, all the background that has to be done, I had to learn by myself how to edit videos. It was hard for me but people don't think about the hours of process that go into making one video.

What is your creative process like?
It really depends, sometimes I just sit there and watch my eyeshadows and an idea comes up. Sometimes I really have to think about a special technique and study how the eyeshadows blend, it really depends on the look I want to create, but for the more creative looks, I see them in my head it sounds weird but I see them in my head and I try to recreate them.

What is a day´s work like?
I wake up, have my breakfast. If I can I film in the morning before lunch, so I shower and go prepare everything to film, make sure there is AC in my room because it´s very very hot, with all those lights, I die when I have to film in summer, so then I turn on all the lights and my computer, make sure the parameters in my camera are right, that it´s focused how I want it, I sit down and do my makeup, lately I started with youtube videos so it´s a little bit longer since I have to explain every little step. When I finish I´ve taken a lot of pictures, like 100 just to find the right ones, but it´s ok haha, people think when you take selfies and pictures you look so pretty all the time in pictures and no, I take a lot of pictures and pray for the good ones like every beauty vlogger I think. Have lunch, edit the pictures, edit the videos and then finally go to bed.

How do you keep Inspiration flowing?
I think about this many times but it´s not something I can really explain. I think when you are born with a passion, you are used to your creativity and I don´t really have to think about it, the looks just come up in my head and I just have to translate them to reality, for me it´s really natural but of course there are really hard times when your creativity is zero and that is normal too, when I study for university exams I am really stressed out and my head isn´t in the right place to create and come up with things. I usually let my followers know that I am just waiting to be more calmed in my life to be inspired again.

What would you say is the most tedious process of your job?
Editing the videos. I hate it haha. It´s not difficult but it´s very boring and as I always say, I don´t have a passion for editing I have a passion for makeup and I had to learn to edit cause I really wanted to share my passion with other people so bad. Of course I don’t complain about it because it is my choice. I think for all the things that give you high satisfaction there are things you may not really like but it´s necessary, for me it´s editing, it can take up to 4 hours so it´s very time consuming.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?
When I wasn't a beauty vlogger the big satisfaction was to see I was able to recreate the look I imagined the right way cause it means I don't know maybe that you are good at it and you can do what you want to do, but now that I have a little bit of followers another big satisfaction is seeing people like what I do. A comment that I really get on youtube is that they see my passion in my videos and they see the love that I put into what I do. I feel like a lot of people are not really passionate and I have a lot of friends who do it only because they can get free products. For me it´s just seeing how much people appreciate my job, how much they really like it and look forward to it

What are some of your main struggles you face with as a beauty blogger?
Of course the first one is hate. I never get hate in my personal page because I think it´s too small for that but when I get reposted by bigger pages I´ve seen people saying really bad things about me. For me personally it doesn't really bother me. I know social media is like that, you just have to pray that you will get more love than hate, but just knowing that you have to accept all the hate doesn´t make it better. It´s still sad that you have to read those comments, cause if you have a different personality than me you can be depressed. I have a friend that received a comment where someone said ¨I really hope you die¨ and things like that, for a makeup look, so maybe that is a struggle. I always try to answer to these people in a constructive way, a little bit of a reality check. It´s just really sad that you get hated for sharing your passion and your journey.

Are there any times where you've had a crazy fan? Follow up: tell us about your crazy fan story
Not really, maybe people that show love in a different way. I am not a cold person but there are people, fans, that tell me super super sweet stuff that I am not used to, they are a little bit different, I am not really used to this sweetness, but it´s beautiful. I don´t really have any psycho crazy fans haha, (stalker) exacto! (Oh sorry I just speak Italian haha)

The best and worst comment you received and how you dealt with that
The worst comment I don't know, maybe they weren't really mean, but like call me ugly and things like that, insulting me about my face, but I notice a lot of times people who hate on me message me after a few days and tell me things like ¨omg you are the most beautiful thing I´ve ever seen¨ I´m like... ok... hahaha. But beautiful comments I receive literally every day, it´s hard for me to pick one. When people just show me they like what I do and they appreciate it, that they will support me, it makes me smile when I receive these messages.

Do other influencers ever get jealous of each other? Have you experienced this within the community?
Yes, I have been in this community only for 6-7 months but I have experienced fakeness. They will comment and tell you you are so beautiful or awesome and if you don’t comment back they will block you. People are jealous it´s a fact, it happens in real life, but you can´t really see it in social media, I can see it all the time.

Were there ever a time something untrue was going around online involving you that you want to clear up?
No, I don't think so, maybe it´s too early, I´ll just wait haha

How often do you compare your numbers to those of your peers?
No, I don´t personally do it but I know a lot of people do it. I have been to the Nyx Face Awards Italy last week and people with lots of followers didn’t even speak to people with ten thousand followers, people really get crazy when they have followers, they think they are superstars

Are there times you've felt like this industry has made you feel self conscious of how you present yourself on camera and online?
Sometimes but, I feel like it really depends on your personality, maybe I feel more self conscious now but I think in general it´s hard to feel that way when all you see, talking about IG models all you see is fake people, they do not exist in real life. When you see the photos these people are tagged in they look like a complete different person. It´s hard to feel self conscious when all you see is fakeness, fake bodies faces and smiles.

What is your biggest physical insecurity?
Maybe my lips, but that just because I am used to see super plump lips on IG that maybe in real life they wont look like that. But everything on IG looks extra, and maybe you think, " I don't have those lips I just have my lips that are a little bit smaller" In real life my lips are fine, but maybe my lips.

Have you ever had a moment when you felt like giving up? What kept you going?
Maybe yes, but not because of something that depended on me, but because of IG because lately it has been acting weird with this phenomenon called shadow banned. Basically it hides your hashtags and posts from everyone so you get fewer views. When I understood I was being shadow banned I thought what is the point if people can´t even see my posts. I thought of stopping, but luckily everything turned out fine. Aside from that, no never.

Name a fact about you that most people probably don't know about.
In real life I am really shy. On IG of course you cant see that cause I talk to my cellphone and camera, they see the normal part of me but they don't know if they would actually met me I would be the most awkward person.

Has your concept and views on social media and vloggers changed from when you weren´t a part of it? How?
Yes, before I really didn't realize what people do to make videos, like people posted in a certain way with a certain music, with a certain frequency and schedule, I didn't really think about that. I would just post when I wanted to, I didnt know of all the studies people make to understand what is better for their profile, didn't know that editing videos and pictures took so long and if you are not part of this you don't really see all the different perspectives.

Describe some of your favorite moments that you've experienced during your journey as a beauty influencer.
It was when I started and I was still afraid and didnt know what to expect, how people would react. I was happy to see people were interested in what I did and they thought I was good at what I do. I was happy to see they liked what i did. Another moment, maybe sounds superficial, but when I received my first package and that´s because when I opened my beauty profile I had no idea you can get products, so when a company contacted me to send a pair of lashes I freaked out because I thought it was the best day of my life. I wasn't expecting it, not because I was receiving free stuff but because someone noticed me and wanted to share their products with me.

What is it like to live in Italy?
It´s a weird pressure, I love living in Italy I love every part of it, and I have been around the world, so I can´t prefer one country or say I would never live in a different country. Maybe if I were born in America I would love it as much as I love Italy now, but I love Italian people and even though a lot of people think we are just ¨pizza e mandolino¨ hahaha, there is so much more about Italian people. Since I´ve seen a lot of countries in my life I have never found people like the Italians in a good or bad way of course, we are so open to other people, and maybe in other countries people can be really cold. Here if you go on the street you can start talking to someone out of nowhere and become friends and have lunch together the day after, and I have never seen this in other countries.

What is the most important message you´d like to share with the world?
I hate the hate on social media, try to remember you have to share love, you don't know what the person in front of you is going through, try to remember that. My grandmother always tells me, if you can't say something nice then don't say anything. You don't have to say something mean, there is no need. I believe in constructive criticism but people sometimes confuse it with just insulting people, so if I could talk to the world this would be my message.

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