Truth Behind the Beauty: Chasing Dieu

Truth Behind the Beauty: Chasing Dieu


Truth behind the beauty
Featuring : ChasingDieu

Growing Up: I was raised in the UK in London. Life was pretty normal, but I did grow up in quite a racist area, so there was a lot of abuse towards me, because I´m asian. Actually I used to have a scar on my knee from when I was actually pushed one time. We did have to embrace those kids as well from the street, but it´s ok, I still have good memories anyway.

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Why do you think people follow you?
I think it all started from when I started posting about acne, so a lot of people can genuinely relate to that because it´s a common skin problem, and I thought of vlogging with just fashion posts but all of a sudden I developed acne and I thought well I´m gonna be real with my followers and show them my acne, I started like an acne diary. And I think people follow me cause I´m honest and they can relate to me and it´s not just acne videos sometimes I would just sit there with my camera talking to people about just real life situations motivating people and making them feel it´s ok to be human

Tell me a little about your background, like where you were raised and how life was like growing up?
I was raised in the UK, in London, and life was pretty normal really, but, I did grow up in quite a racist area, so there was a lot of abuse towards myself, cause I´m Asian, actually I used to have a scar on my knee from when I was actually pushed one time, we did have to embrace those kids as well from the street, but it´s ok, still have good memories anyway.

Do you work a regular full time or part time job along with being a beauty influencer?
I am a full time uni student but I do have a part time job as a beauty consultant as well

What do your family or friends think of your influencer career? Do they watch your videos?
My mom is like my biggest fan she is always commenting on my videos and if there´s something that she doesn´t like she will literally ring me to tell me ¨oh by the way I think your lashes are coming off or something¨ I´m like ok thanks mom, yeah she is my biggest critic, but in the beginning I don’t think my dad really understood, he didn’t let me wear makeup. But I think they understood makeup is just a form of how I express myself, nothing to do with trying to get boys you know

Do you think people know how much work goes into being a blogger? What do you think people imagine you do?
Oh no I think people just think we literally just wake up snap a photo and it´s done but, the truth is to make a one minute Instagram video takes me surprisingly a whole day, I don’t even know how the day goes by so quick, so it takes a lot of time energy and a lot of money too especially when you are starting out, you have to invest on like camera, ring light, products, so many things.

What is your creative process like?
For instance if a company sends me some products, I just go from there that´s just my inspiration I just research what it´s about, if it´s a makeup product I´ll look at the colors they have and think of a makeup look, and if it´s skincare I´d do some research and just go from there, it´s all just research first. With makeup it´s whatever comes to me really

What is a day´s work like?
I´ll wake up, go have my breakfast and then I literally just get straight into vlogging literally, I don´t do much anything in between because I´m really dedicated into growing my vlog right now cause right now it´s the only time I can actually full time vlog cause when I get back to Uni I have to focus on my studies. It takes a lot of my time but it´s what drives me, what makes me happy and I just like interacting with people too

What is the hardest skill you've had to learn?
Definitely filming, when I first started off it kept going out of focus and also with editing as well I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos and then by myself really as well

How do you keep Inspiration flowing?
I think when you just envision the end goal, for instance if I know I want to be a successful vlogger I know I just have to keep going and I imagine myself when I am working with more brands, my own projects, that image it just motivates me so that´s how I keep going just self-motivation really.

What would you say is the most tedious process of your job?
Maybe when you get sent some products that you don´t particularly like, you can´t really promote something you don´t particularly like cause it doesn´t feel right, I think that´s with anyone really yeah

What is the most satisfying part of your job?
When people really enjoy your videos and people can relate to you, and you make friends online as well the beauty community is really amazing it´s really supportive as well actually, everyone´s always motivating each other and complimenting each other’s videos, I like social media.

What are some of your main struggles you face with as a beauty blogger
Maybe it´s the idea if I don´t make it as a successful vlogger maybe, I think it´s more like a fear perhaps I don’t know, I put so much effort into my vlogging, a lot of money, if nothing really happens then I just feel like it´s be a little bit of a disappointment, that´s just me being hard on myself though

Are there any times where you've had a crazy fan? Follow up: tell us about your crazy fan story
Oh yeah, I work in a department store and my counter so happens to be in the heart of everything in the beauty department, you can´t go through that department without seeing me cause the counter´s just so, in your face, so I´ve had people who just circle around the counter cause they´re trying to work out if they´ve seen me before or not, and people would just say a comment as if I´m not really human, and it´s like just because I´m online doesn´t mean I´m not a human.

The best and worst comment you received and how you dealt with that
Well I´m quite lucky I´d say a lot of the comments I receive help motivate me and changed my life a little, I don´t really get a lot of negative comments but I know I´ve seen a few racist comments here and there, but I don´t handle it anyway where I´ll start responding back it´s more like you know, you don´t need to be like that, you know and don´t encourage them to carry on with their racist behavior

Do other influencers ever get jealous of each other? Have you experienced this within the community?
There is a down side to everything, the Beauty industry is a competition too, of course there will be jealousy as well, maybe if a vlogger might go to a really cool trip but they don´t get to go they might feel jealousy, we´re all human you might not be able to help it but I don´t think I´ve really seen anyone act on it where it´s really malicious

Were there ever a time something untrue was going around online involving you that you want to clear up?
I clear it up myself, people always thought my lips were fake and I got them injected but they´re actually just natural, but I´d say really I don´t have any scandals hahaha

How often do you compare your numbers to those of your peers?
No not really, I just know I´m in my own lane and I know what I do is authentic and organic, I´m just vlogging how I want to and I don´t need to compare myself I´m very happy for everyone that made it, I´m just more focused on me cause it´s more important

What is your biggest physical insecurity?
Yeah I don´t really like my feet but who does haha

What do you try to hide from your audience?
My personal life, my family, these are things I don´t want to show online cause I´m not a lifestyle vlogger .

Have you ever had a moment when you felt like giving up? What kept you going?
Yeah, there have been times when I´ve been like I dont think this is really worth it, but then I look at the response from people and even if it´s just one person, you gotta keep doing this to help other people and yourself, just keep going do what you gotta do forget the money the material stuff, once you do what you love to do and put your heart into it, money will follow, all the material stuff will follow, even of you impact one person you are still impacting one person that could impact the entire world.


Name a fact about you that most people probably don't know about.
It´s a bit of a weird one but, I love horror movies and when I literally wake up while I´d be getting ready to film I´d be watching a horror movies in the background but you won’t know that because in the videos there´s music playing anyway, I love horror movies I can literally watch them by myself, I´m just weird like that.

Has your concept and views on social media and vloggers changed from when you weren´t a part of it? How?
I realized that a lot of them work so hard now, and it´s not as simple ¨oh today I look pretty let’s take a picture, there´s a lot of effort that goes into it and a lot of thought and consideration too.

Describe some of your favorite moments that you've experienced during your journey as a beauty influencer
Probably when a video goes viral, it´s cool when you see your numbers go up, you see everyone´s feedback, good and bad too, but I think it´s nice when people recognize all the effort that you put into doing something.

What is the most important message you´d like to share with the world?
Being yourself is literally the best thing to do, I think you always win when you´re yourself, there´s only one you in the world and that´s your strength and that´s your beauty, I know it´s hard to recognize that in a world where people always tell you ¨oh you need to have this and that, bigger lips, bigger eyes¨ but what I love about social media is that actually you see all sorts and types, there´s no standards you can look any way you want.

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