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My Battle Book - Skincare Guide Planner

My Battle Book - Skincare Guide Planner

90 Day Dateless Skincare & Confidence Routine Planner

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The first skincare routine focused planner designed by Banish!  We ran a small print run, so get your battle book while you can! 

In our dateless 90 day skincare routine planner, we start off with a detailed guide on how to create your own skincare routine, written by founder Daisy! 

There's guides on setting your AM and PM skincare routine for the week and progress checkers for each day if you complete your routine.  Whenever you try any new skincare product, it can take up to 30 full days of being consistent to see results! 

When you start a skincare routine, one of the most important things is to be consistent, and looking back on your journey to help you figure out what in your routine is working well for you! 

We know that your stress levels and mental health can also have an affect on our physical skin, so there are also daily, weekly, and monthly exercises so you can relieve stress, and train your mind to be strong and confident!

This guided planner will show you how to fill out each section, along with our very guide on how to create a skincare routine.

Challenge yourself to 90 days of practicing habits that grow your self confidence and improve your skincare.  Dateless pages so you can start when you're ready and pick back up if you miss a day or two or more. Don't worry, no judgement here!


How I Like To Use My Battle Book

Why We Created My Battle Book


Planner Size: A5 5.71" x 8.47"

Hardcover Planner Includes:
-Skincare Routine Guide and Skincare Planner
-Monthly Calendar
-Daily Pages
-Weekly Reflections
-Enough pages for 90 days of self care and skincare routine planning
-Pen Loop, Ribbon Bookmark, and Banded Enclosure.
-Motivational #skinpositivity quotes from the Banish Warriors
-And some surprises throughout!
First Edition

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rhonda S.

This book helps ones to focus on the positive & reminds me to drink more water. I like this neat book!

Life Changing

As someone who already writes in a gratitude journal daily, it was awesome to see a skincare company come out with something like this. There is a section for what your thankful for as well as sections to keep track of your skin routines, tips etc. Beauty is internal so it’s amazing that there is a product out there that can reflect that and remind us everyday.

best planner ever!

i am really happy that banish came out with something like this. it makes it really easy to track when i will use my banisher next and encourages me to sit down and be more mindful and helps with my stress levels. thanks so much for this, banish!

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