How to Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

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Written by M.Hart

Wrinkles. The one word all of us ladies fear. I'm sure most of us (women and men) dread the day we'll start to get those creases around our eyes, forehead, and mouth. So, today you'll learn all about the aging process and how to treat and prevent your fine lines.

 The best way you can do that is to understand wrinkles front and back. From the different kinds, to how they form and the best way to treat them. It's important to understand there is no way to completely reverse the aging process. We'll all have wrinkles at one point, but there is no problem in preventing them, right?

Types of Wrinkles 

1. Natural Aging Lines or Rhytides

These are the lines we are all most familiar with, the one's we naturally form within a period of time. These are usually caused by the skin not producing enough collagen on it's own, or glycation. Glycation is a process that impairs function of biomolecules, which in certain "target areas" forms creases. Usually located around the eyes or the forehead.

2. Sleep Wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles are formed when the face is compressed into a pillow or bed, whilst laying on your stomach or side. Although for most of us, at first, these are temporary and fade within a few hours - these can actually become permanent over time.

3. Smoking 

Smoking overall doesn't benefit your body or everyday health, but particularly not your skin. Not only can it create a gray cast to the skin, it damages the elasticity causing your skin to appear sallow and up to twenty years older than you actually are. 

4. Sun damage 

The sun is actually the #1 cause to women who have premature aging and is 90% of women's fine lines. Exposure to the sun for long periods of time without sunscreen (sometimes even with sunscreen), can cause hyperpigmentation, permanent "sunburn" (skin that is always a sunburn color, and tends to be dry), and also wrinkles. Make sure everyday you apply SPF 35+ to your skin (make sure it has UVA/UVB protection) to protect yourself from those harmful rays.

5. Other common causes

The list goes on from lack of hydration, to habitual facial expressions, to tugging and pulling of the skin and even stress. The face is a delicate area, especially the eyes, treat it gingerly. 

When do wrinkles start to form? When must I start to treat?

It all really depends on a few things, starting with your ethnicity, if you're a woman of color you'll likely see wrinkles when you're in your mid fifties to even your sixties, since your skin has melanin, which is the substance that gives your skin it's color, it delays the appearance of aging - lucky ladies! If you're a fair beauty, you need to start the anti-aging process earlier than the average woman. Fair skinned women (and men) have thinner, more delicate skin which causes the sun to penetrate and break down the skin's layers faster. 

It also depends on your genetics. For example, maybe your mother (or even your father) is 45 but really looks 30. However her skin has aged genetically, you will most likely get similar effects.

Treatments for wrinkles

We'll start with laser treatments. Laser procedures are done by removing your skin's layers precisely. New skin cells will start to develop, giving your skin that younger, healthier look. These procedures can be thousands of dollars at a time and they have a very long healing process, usually peeling and itching will occur. Overtime results have been known to fade if not done correctly.

The next treatment we have is microdermabrasion. This "sands" down the skin with tiny exfoliating crystals. Microdermabrasion can help for mild wrinkles and fine lines, pigmented spots like birth marks, scarring, or age spots. This procedure can be done professionally or could be done at home with kits like the PMD. 

There is also Collagen Induction Therapy and we recommending using the Banish Kit. This process will create tiny holes in your skin, it will then react and start to rebuild your collagen. As the aging process starts, your skin loses the ability to heal and rebuild itself. With CIT, it helps promote cell growth, letting your skin smooth out and create younger looking skin plus it's usually less invasive than other methods.

Lastly we'll talk about fillers. These are injectable materials, that will plump up the skin. The materials used commonly are Collagen, but, could also be synthetic or silicon injections (also known as Botox), which will last longer in the skin, some maybe even permanent. This procedure is rather painful and expensive and could have many side effects.

Extra Tips

1. Don't forget the neck - the most common mistake is forgetting about your neck completely. Make sure your moisturizing your neck daily and blending your sunscreen down as well.

2. Don't wear makeup without a moisturizer or sunscreen - A lot of people say makeup is damaging to the skin and can make you look older faster. This is both true and false. You need a protective layer in between your skin and your makeup. Face products like your foundation can have harmful ingredients that can damage your skin's cell production over time.

3. Don't Stress!- If you're under a lot of stress because of work,  life events, family, or relationships,  try to take a few minutes to calm your body down and breathe. Stress can cause more breakouts and premature aging, along with other side effects like headaches, sleeping trouble and even chest pains. De-stress any chance you get.

Overall it's important to make sure you're taking good care of your skin every single day. No matter if you're thirteen or thirty, the best way to prevent aging is to start early. Just make sure you aren't stressing about it too much. Like I've said a million times, we'll all get them. Good luck!

We hope you found this information helpful and if you have sun spots, fine lines, scars or hyperpigmentation: The Banish Kit can help fade all those.  If you're not satisfied, send your order back within 30 days for a refund!


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