Get Healthy Skin with Exercise

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By Kaitlyn Sisco


Exercise and acne… how do these two connect together? How does exercise affect acne? How can we improve our acne through exercise?


What are our main reasons for working out or exercising regularly? And how does exercise help your acne?  Is it to gain muscles? Is it to release built-up stress and anger? Regularly exercising helps build your metabolism that is responsible for fighting bad bacteria and reducing excess sebum and make you resistant to these things that cause pimples or acne breakouts. They say that working out or exercising regularly is a great way to manage stress but it’s also best to clean your skin before and after vigorous workouts to keep an acne-free skin.


Here are some facts on what exercise is and how does exercise help acne:


1) Exercise is an essential component of our lifestyle – it helps enhance our fitness, strengthens our muscles, maintains waistline and boosts our mood. Exercise can also make or break you, depending on your approach or perception. Being physically fit and active by exercising regularly helps even out your blood sugar levels, which are instrumental in managing your acne.


Getting healthy skin involves having a healthy body as it removes all those unwanted toxins in your body and washes your entire bloodstream and organs. By exercising, you help your body by toning it up and shaping those muscles as well.


2) Exercise improves the overall health of your body, your mind, and your skin. The amount of your exercise time per week relies on your body shape and eating habits. Any amount of exercise helps clear your skin.


Sometimes, we overlook the importance of regular exercise and the benefits we can get from it, mostly in keeping an acne free-skin.Regular exercise is one of the keys to keeping healthy skin.


3) Exercise helps you keep in better touch with your body in the sense that it leads you to have healthy eating habits and consuming less junk food. Exercise does help your acne by taking a shower immediately after a vigorous workout. Exercise itself is not what causes acne, but rather the poor hygiene after workouts.


Healthy new skin through exercise helps in replenishing your scars, pimples, and imperfections. Exercising releases all the tension in your muscles and skin, making you less stressed (which is also linked to acne). Exercising regularly lowers your cortisol levels (stress hormones), thus lowering the inflammation in your body and preventing acne.


4) Exercise helps nourish your skin cells and keep them vital, according to Dr. Stephanie S. Gardner (WebMD). However, it doesn’t detoxify your skin as some may claim it.


There are many ways you can exercise – stretching, running, jumping jacks, squats, and even dancing. There are suppliers around that offer gears and equipment that you will need for your exercise activities.  Fringe Sport offers a wide array of gym equipment from weightlifting, body weight, conditioning, and even clothing needs. 


But did you know that eating healthy is a part of the exercise as well? What’s the point of exercising if you will just continue to eat junk food after a vigorous workout? Eating healthy limits the number of bad foods you feed your body.


Staying active withregular exercise helps keep your skin look glowing. Exercise helps your acne by maintaining healthy levels of the stress-related cortisol hormone that can possibly increase your risks of developing acne, collagen breakdown, wrinkles and sagging.


Exercise does help your acne by allowing your skin to repair itself more quickly, according to research studies. It is true in the sense that exercising regularly gives your skin an instant glow as you receive a good dose of oxygenated blood, producing more natural oils and such.


Exercise also helps with acne by reducing that excess sebum you’re getting and making your skin acne-free, giving you a boost of self-confidence as well.


Another question that most people usually ask would be doing exercise help your acne through dealing with stress and/or body image and acne issues? Yes, it does. How? It helps you handle or manage your stress and boosts your confidence as well by giving you better body shape and skin. It also helps in building up your metabolism and makes you less likely to develop acne breakouts and thus achieve a positive outlook for your skin’s health.


Another way on how exercise does help acne is that it reminds you to eat healthily and drink lots of water, which may sound a cliché for some or most of us. We may also be hearing unsolicited pieces of advice such as “get rid of coffee and creamer every morning” or “you can’t eat those things or drink sodas or any beverages that are high in sugar as they would aggravate your acne”.


Don’t let the big word “exercise” intimidate you, but let it inspire you to keep being active if what you want is a healthy-looking skin.  Exercise does help your acne by making you start eating healthy foods over junk foods which could deteriorate your skin health.


So, does exercise really help your acne? The simple answer to that question is YES, given all the facts on what exercise is and what it can do on your overall health, including your skin. Exercise and acne are connected to each other.


What are you waiting for? Get on those running shoes and start being active to achieve healthy and acne-free skin!


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