Get Healthy Skin with Exercise

March 04, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Kaitlyn Sisco

If you want healthy skin, you also need to have a healthy body. Part of having a healthy body is exercising. Exercising gets all of the unwanted toxins inside of your body out. It washes your entire blood stream and organs out. Whether you run or lift weights, your heart rate gets pumped up. You are helping your body out by toning up and shaping your muscles. If your body doesn’t have to worry about the healthiness of your body, it can focus more of its time on the repairing of your skin.

Your scars, your pimples, and your imperfections can be replenished in healthy, new skin. I don’t want to have to worry about my body, much less my skin. Exercising is one less thing to worry about. It most definitely helps everything in your body be better. Exercising can just release all of tension in your muscles and skin. You are less stressed. Since stress can cause acne, exercising can give you a lesser chance of having it. I, personally, have seen a difference in my skin since exercising.

Exercising, in addition to the Banish roller, my skin has soared in terms of being healthier. Your body is healthy, your mind is healthy, and in turn, your skin gets the benefit of being healthy as well. Exercising has all of the benefits a person who wants clear skin would need. Banish has added that extra factor I needed besides exercising to put me right through the roof with my clear skin. I want to have near perfect skin, and I am on the verge of achieving that. The amount of times you exercise per week depends on your body shape and eating, but either way, any amount of exercise can help your skin.

I usually try to exercise once a day. This involves usually stretching, a run, jumping jacks, and sometimes squats. Eating healthy is a part of exercising too, I think. Exercising has no point if you are just going to eat foods that are bad for you again and again. I am a vegetarian, and although this might not be the best choice for everyone, it limits the amounts of bad foods you would normally eat.

I have loved vegetables for a long time, and with exercising, I can obtain all of the vegetables’ healthy properties. You can also use vegetables and fruits to help your skin by actually putting it on it. Things such as lemon, although they can cause lightening of the skin, can kill all of the unwanted bacteria on your skin and dry out your acne.

If you exercise and eat healthy, your body will reward you with clearer skin. Then you can focus on getting rid of the acne scars that have haunted you for years. You can focus on healing instead of getting rid of acne. Banish has helped me do that in a way I have never thought possible. Choosing exercise is choosing clear skin, and if you aren’t all the way there with it, then Banishshould help immensely.