Easy Home Remedies That Cure Acne

easy home remedies for acne

By Alvina Chowdhury

               I have used many homemade remedies that were targeted to clear my acne.  Among the many I have used are pure lemon juice, lemon juice with honey, lemon juice with honey and turmeric, activated charcoal capsules with pure Aloe Vera and nutmeg with honey. While all these are great to use, my favorite by far is lemon juice with honey and turmeric and the ingredients are very easy to find in most local grocery stores!

               Honey is an antiseptic that draws dirt from your pores and keeps them clear while lemon lightens the scar and turmeric brightens; it’s a three in one!  Regardless, though I haven’t had time to use it, it is a regimen that I used and made religiously every single day last year.  This was the first homemade regimen that I would take time to make every day and actually worked.  My sister-in-law one day came up to me and said “wow Alvina, your face looks great and bright!” and it was such an exciting feeling because she obviously had no idea that I was making the honey turmeric mask at the time, which meant it was really working!

               The other few that I was using and taking my time to make, were disappointments.  None of them worked and none of them made a change in my skin.  I would constantly see that the key, natural factors for healthy and clear skin were the ones mentioned above along with plain yogurt, but for some reason it had no effect on me.  I am assuming that it did not work due to the fact that I have severe acne that had been passed down to me by genetics rather than the “teen acne” or “hormonal acne”. 

               Aloe Vera also known to be an antiseptic did absolutely nothing for me.  It was very soothing and cooling but had no effect on me.  Nutmeg, was honestly the worst one, I legitimately felt no effect on my skin.  Even though I felt that Aloe Vera did nothing for my skin, it had at least cooled and soothed my skin, giving it a nice after feeling.  The nutmeg gave me zero satisfaction. 

Moving on, pure lemon juice would honestly probably have been great, but it was too messy for me and I simply was not patient enough for it because it was too drippy on my face and tend to sting my open pores.  Lastly, activated charcoal definitely had an effect on my skin.  Activated charcoal gave me both positive and negative reaction.  In the positive perspective, when I would get on my period, my acne wasn’t as hormonal or severe as it was normally, but on the negative note, the charcoal really pulled out every pimple possible in my skin.  The charcoal began to break me out in places where I had no acne to begin with, and though, technically that it a positive reaction, I had no patience to live with even more of a pimply face for it to “clear” any longer. 

Nonetheless, the winner was the turmeric with honey and lemon mask!  If you have success with the turmeric with honey and lemon mask, then I recommend trying the banish kit to get rid of acne scars that you may have left.  

What are your favorite home remedies acne treatments? 

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