Dr. Stephen Cabral: How to find the root of your acne and other health issues | Episode 14

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“Living a life full of happiness, health and vitality are important to me. I am here to help.”


Dr. Stephen Cabral has developed his passion for health and wellness from his own personal health problem at a young age. 


His journey was similar to Daisy’s in that he consulted a lot of doctors and tried different treatments but still saw no remedy for his health issues. It was not until he encountered an alternative health doctor who gave an explanation and answers to his health concerns. At a young age, he realized that he will dedicate his life to helping others to rebalance in their bodies and regain a good state of health.   


Dr. Cabral is an expert on functional medicine. He educates others on how our body composition is related to one another and gets to the root cause of the illness or symptoms.  Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual's illness.


This episode Dr. Cabral will share the root causes and common remedies for acne, eczema and other skin-related issues. Knowing the root cause is important in order to achieve complete skin healing. Which common hormone imbalances and how blood sugar levels are the most recognized causes. 


Learn it from Dr. Cabral! 


Show notes: 

  • What is functional medicine? (3:00) 
  • Have you heard about bacterial based acne? (4:35)
  • It is important knowing when to take a lab test to get the root cause. (5:40)
  • Digestive tests help unlock the causes to know further (6:25)
  • What is the difference between eczema and psoriasis? (9:05)
  • How to address migraines? (12:10)
  • Helpful tips for those trying to conceive (16:00)
  • Low hanging fruit habits someone can do to change their life? 3 tips to share. (22:25)
  • Secrets to success! (25:00) 


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You can connect with Dr. Cabral on social media:

Instagram: @stephencabral 

Site: https://stephencabral.com/

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