19 Comics that Only People with Acne will Understand

19 Comics that Only People with Acne will Understand

We're all about skin positivity, but let's admit it - acne sucks, but it doesn't mean we can't have a few giggles from these 19 relatable situations. 

Banish brings you 19 skincare comics that are so relatable, it hurts!

#1 - Not again!

#2 - It's a cycle.

#3 - Dear, Acne. Let's break up!

#4 - Basically, everything!

#5 - FINALLY, a silver lining!

#6 - Keep calm, they sense fear!

#7 - Story of my life.

#8 - Sorcery is no joke, I've said prayers and performed spells!

#9 - The reality of this is so true, it hurts!😣

#10 - Dozens of acne causes!😣

#11 - Her expression is literally me 24/7.

#12 - Ewww, we know, but popping pimples is satisfying, admit it!

#13 - 'Why, God, WHY?!' - Joey Tribbiani Tone

#14 - #BefriendThePimple

#15 - So many products, just 1 face.

 #16 - Getting unsolicited skincare advice from stranger


#17 - Words can hurt


#18 - Acne affects 3 in every 4 people


#19 - None of us is perfect!



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