How To Win The Battle Against Acne

February 28, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

How To Win The Battle Against Acne

By Nicki

I am a work in progress and it's okay. - Nicki

I’ve struggled with acne since halfway through high school.

I’ve had hormonal imbalances, cystic acne, blackheads, everything.


It went beyond the physical aspect and affected me mentally and emotionally. I would stay inside and would avoid hanging with friends. I was so caught up in the thought that people would stare at what’s on my face rather than listen to me and see me as a whole. I would stay in bed all day. It was depressing.


My acne subsided the first time when I got on birth control. It took years for my scars to diminish. They finally did during the summer of 2016. My skin was the best it had ever been.


woman with acne, sharing her before and after results


Then, I decided to be all-natural and not to use artificial hormones. Soon after, I started getting jawline acne again then, full blown cystic acne. I want to say my acne was never severe but it was on the brink. Definitely, more aggressive acne.


Makeup wouldn’t cover it. I was reading online saying your body is only flushing out hormones and it could take 3 months or so. After 9 months, I decided to go back on birth control because I couldn’t handle it.


woman with black charcoal mask on her face


It was definitely important for me to get off of birth control because I am now aware of the fact that I may havePCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  And this round of acne, I was not as hard on myself. It still sucked. It hurt.


I wanted clear skin but almost had I forgotten how it was like to have imperfections wherein people have to look when they speak to you.


When I started using birth control again, my skin started to clear up. I had to get rid of acne scars. The acne scars were red, deep, and thehyperpigmentationwas bad.


I’ve been using BANISH for a year now. I love it! My skin’s texture has never felt so smooth. Even the hyperpigmentation has diminished.


My skin responded well to theVitamin C serum (Banish Oil) and thePumpkin Enzyme Masque. I know that Vitamins A and C are crucial in skincare.


I still struggle with few breakouts here and there. But, this whole experience has only made me appreciate everything. I have more and to not take things at face value, literally.


We are so much more than our skin. It’s so hard to tell someone that though. Easier said than done.


woman facing sideways looking down showing her right cheek with acne scars


There are people who think that they are not "normal" when they do have imperfections such as acne. They use the power of makeup to conceal the traces of imperfection.


No one is perfect. Everyone is a work in progress. There is no such thing as perfect because that means you have stopped growing. It is important to grow and develop further.


Acne was a battle I meant to face. (hahaha puns)


BANISH has been nothing but kind to my skin. It’s not only the product I adore but the media and how they present themselves. They’re talking about the emotional well-being behind the acne and what society places on us.