DIY treatments Can Be Bad For Your Skin

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By Ophelia

I am a person who already wasted so much money on different skin care products for acne scars, acne, dry skin, etc and every time I read a new article online on how something worked on somebody really well, I tried it, (because why not?) which was probably the worst answer EVER.

If it comes to your skin, never ever tell yourself that. I tried so many diys and it became an addiction.

I would see this diy in a video, an article, I really did not care I bought the ingredients and tried it. Most of the time they did not do anything for my skin and there was no improvement at all.

Do Not Try DIY Lemon and Baking Soda Scrub

Sometimes it would just worsen my skin or add another skin problem that I had to solve. For example that one time I saw a video on how to remove acne scarring with a paste made of baking soda and lemon juice.  What a mistake.

A week later my skin was so dry, and I had seen no improvement at all. I could not even wear makeup because my skin was so dry at that point, that it started to flake and the makeup would flake off with the dried up skin.

It was so dry, that it felt kind of rough going over it and I could see fine lines every time I made a facial expression.

Later on, I found out that our skin's protective barrier is acidic at a PH of about 5.5 and using protects beyond that ph level can really mess up and irritate your skin.  

Lemons are highly acidic so using the lemon can cause irritation or possibly give your skin a sunburn if you walk out with some lemon juice on your face. 

Baking soda is extremely alkaline and it can cause your skin to get irritated too and dry out and even flare up skin conditions like eczema when the skin's protective barrier is stripped from these harsh ingredients.  

Not All DIY's are terrible, like honey and oatmeal is agreed to be beneficial.  

In some ways I really think that getting into diys too much can get you addicted. Its like playing the Lotto, if you don’t buy this particular ticket today, how will you ever know if you could have been 20 million dollars richer the day after.

Samething with these diys. If I don’t try out this one, it might actually be the winning lottery ticket, the actual recipe that could work for you!

But now that I know better, I think its more helpful relying on an actual skin care products. Good skin care products are tested, and created with exact measurements and formulated to meet your skin's natural pH.

Every DIY  I tried made me search for a different one to get rid of the problem that the previous one had caused.

If there is one thing that I can advise to you is to look up the ingredients that you use and put on your face.

It is also important to check out the acidity/alkaline that it has, because that can affect your skin in many ways. It is also better to stick to ingredients you are familiar with so you don’t get unnecessary breakouts, or rashes because you are allergic to a certain ingredient.

Any DIY's that you have tried that you found out were actually bad for you? Let us know!


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