Why Cut Out Products With Mineral Oil

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By Ophelia

I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Banish so far. I really really hope that this will work on my skin, because I have tried so many things, and spent so much money, that if I would have put it aside all that time, I would probably be living in a mansion right now slurping a nice drink in my pool, enjoying the sun (wearing sunscreen of course- can’t afford to have those acne scars get darker) and having someone typing this for me while I dictate.

But unfortunately, I spent it all on skin care products and all kinds of serums for skin discoloration and acne scars that did not even work. Too bad.

I was never the kind of person who only bought organic skin care products, because I never saw the need of getting them, but recently I have been wearing foundation from young blood, because it does not contain oxides and mineral oils that you find in soo many skin care products.

As much as they promise on the cover, it is a fact that only looking at the ingredients tells you if you should buy the product or not.

Many things on the market that say that they do one thing, might cause something else, Such as Primers and foundation.

You wear a Primer underneath your foundation so your pores wont get clogged by the foundation, but the high amount of silicone that’s in the primer, clogs your pores too, and causes you to break out.

So there are many things that you need to  be aware of when you go to the store and buy beauty products, because you either lose your money and it doesn’t work, or you get a bad reaction from it and it just makes your skin worse which then would be a loss of your money.

I used to go to get a facial every month, and the first couple days my skin would be ok and then it would just start breaking out again. I spend $120 for every facial and that's EVERY 3-4 weeks!!!

I continued doing this for over a year, until I finally realized that it was the mineral oil and the oxides in my foundation that made me break out so much, and as soon as I cut them out of my skin care regimen my skin felt so much better!!


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