3 Secrets To Getting Long Hair Easily

March 18, 2019 5 min read 0 Comments

3 Secrets To Getting Long Hair Easily

By Daisy Jing

Hello my perfect beauties, so today I'm going to be showing you how to get really long hair, or get long hair fast, or just get beautiful long hair because you guys know that we like it long. That's what she said, so I can show you how long it is.

I cut two inches about a month ago, but let me try to move back. You can see it's kind of down to the bottom, back of my hair. Yeah, it's pretty long. Nice! I don't have any extensions it's all natural.






black shower head with water coming out


So the first tip for a longer hair is not to wash it every day. Sulfates in shampoos is one of the leading causes of early hair loss, and it was from the scientific study trying to find if I remember the link, but I did read it somewhere. And sulfate is a detergent that can strip away a lot of the natural oils and natural things in your scalp.

So your scalp does, you know, your scalp creates oil to replenish and condition it and probably in the long, long time ago when humans didn't bathe regularly, their hair would be kind of greasy. You'd kind of had this shine and sheen and that was really to protect the hair.

And nowadays we had this expectation that our hair must look really clean and fluffy and voluminous. And so we wash it every day. And that's really not good for it, especially if you use sulfate shampoos, shampoos containing sulfate.

So the first thing is get rid of those shampoos. We have a perfect beauty video about the shampoos you can use, but great brands are like Trader Joe's, Abi Organics. There's some sulfate free lines at Target, I think L'Oreal has some.

Just, you know, try to use ingredients that are pretty natural so that they don't strip away too much of the kind of nourishing natural things in your hair, like your scalp oil and stuff. After not using sulfate shampoos you don't want to wash your hair that often.

I try to wash my hair maybe three times a week. So that's, you know, it's doable.

So I use a lot of dry shampoo and I use, my favorite is Batiste dry shampoo. I'll just put it in my scalp all along the layers of my hair and comb it out, and it adds a lot of volume.

It makes my hair look really freshed and it's nice because that is almost like a powder that's just soaks up all the oil without stripping away, and without having the detergent ingredients, that strip away kind of the natural good stuff in your hair. So I really liked dry shampoo, and I use that.




orange conditioner bottle

I also try to condition my hair a lot. So I usually use a ratio of two conditioner bottles to one shampoo bottle. Whenever I buy shampoo or conditioner, I usually buy it in that ratio, and I use it in that ratio as well. Maybe four times as much conditioner as I use shampoo.

I just put a huge like gloop, like huge gloop on my palms, and I'll rub like each of these gloops on one side and then I'll run the other gloop on the other side and let it kind of sink in my shower.

And then I'll like, you know, shave my legs, or I'll do other stuff in the shower for like a few minutes. So that way the conditioner really, really sinks into my hair. Find like a deep conditioner, a nice conditioner, and just put it right below your ears, all the way down to the ends of your hair. And it will nourish it, so you kind of avoid kind of breakage and split ends and damage the end of your hair.


solid coconut oil in a glass jar


I also use oil in my hair. So let me show you guys how I use coconut oil in the ends of my ... So this is like one of my favorite things in the world. It's coconut oil and it comes in a solid, but it's now kind of melting because it's been outside and just put it like that and rub it in between your palms, and then you're just going to put it on the ends of your hair.

And what this does is it helps replenish your hair, it kind of coats it with some moisture, so it doesn't dry out, and it helps it so there's really not a lot of breakage.

So using kind of oil, any kind of oil you can use, Moroccan oil, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil is great. I really like jojoba oil because there's no scent in it. Just put it on the ends of your hair every time after you wash to add that additional moisturization into your hair.




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Next tip I have is your diet. So your diet should be full of protein, which is really good for your hair. So that's a lot of different kinds of meat like chicken, tofu, beans, peanut butter, like things that just have a lot of protein because your hair is made out of like kind of protein.

Your hair has a lot of protein in it, has a lot of protein compounds and complexes in it. So that is why a lot of hair treatments have carotene, because carotene helps restore and rebuild the protein complexes in your hair.

But if you just eat it in your diet's going to make your hair just a lot better, also you can try taking iron supplements or, which you call it biotin or prenatal vitamins. I hear that those have really helped people's hair.

I haven't taken, I don't take vitamins. I should, I don't know why I've just never taken them. So, I don't really know if they make a difference or not. But I've heard great things about the biotin vitamins for your hair and your nails.

I've been, also just try to eat a really healthy diet. You know, lots of green leafy vegetables, lots of fruits, lots of just healthy foods, not the processed ones, not the fatty foods because that will really kind of not produce the best quality hair and skin for you.

Keep on the lookout for split ends. So what I do sometimes is I will take a small nail scissor, and I just twist my hair like this, and I just kind of pull up any strands that I see have split ends.

I don't usually do this that often, but if I'm just waiting or in the car or something, I'll just look at my strands and then I'll just kind of snip off the ones that do have split ends and that kind of helps hit my trims to a minimum.

Those are my tips for great hair, sorry if this is blurry, I got too tired of squatting in front of the camera. But I hope you guys liked this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Bye.

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