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 By: Rachel Mazza

My Acne Story: 19-21

During my college years, I finally caught a break. My acne seemed to have stopped on its own and since there were no more continuous breakouts undoing all progress, the scars started to heal and fade, as well. I hear this happens to a lot of acne suffers that around this age their faces clear up, sometimes for good. I hoped that this would be the case for me. During high school, I was lucky to never have had acne on my cheeks—it was isolated on my forehead. I didn’t do all that much to my face in these two years. I used a few mild products and that seemed to take care of minor break outs.

L'Oréal Go 360 Clean: Deep cleansing exfoliating scrub

I continued to use the Clean and Clear cleanser and also L'Oréal Go 360 Clean: Deep cleansing exfoliating scrub. I really liked and still do enjoy this product. It effectively cleaned the oil from my face but didn’t dry my face out or scratch my skin. To use it, you place a dime-sized amount on the scrublet that’s packaged with it. The scrublet is a small pad with rounded silicone bristles covering the surface of it. The scrub has gel-like consistency and is mildly abrasive. Compared to a lot of scrubs I have used, this one is relatively easy on the skin, and when paired with the scrublet, it creates a nice lather that gently exfoliates and it smells really nice. I’ve found that when it comes to exfoliates, less harsh solutions are often better. If you have really sensitive skin like mine, exfoliates can sometimes be too hard on your skin. I’ve used several that have scratched my skin and left me with brush-burn-like wounds. However, the Go 360 Clean: Deep cleansing exfoliating scrub shrunk the appearance of my pores and my skin felt noticeably cleaner after using it.

Take care when using it around your eyes, though. 1. You don’t want to get this in your eyes because of the abrasive scrub. 2. Give the area around your eyes a wide circle as well. Rubbing it directly under your eyes can damage that fragile skin and cause discoloration. This happened to me the first few times I used it and I had to put extra moisturizer and Neosporin under my eyes for a week to heal the damage.

L'Oréal has created a line of the Go 360 Clean products listed under their cleansers and make up removers on their website. I’ve also used the Go 360 Clean: Ideal Clean for sensitive skin. This left my skin feeling really smooth and nice, but I didn’t find it to be as deep of a clean as the exfoliate. However, this one works great as a make-up remover and it's fine to use under your eyes.

Products mentioned:

L'Oréal Go 360 Clean: Deep cleansing exfoliating scrub—7/10 (As a cleanser only, not an acne treatment. Great to just get your face clean, doesn’t work too much for acne, but it calms the skin and leaves it feeling fresh)

L'Oréal Go 360 Clean: Ideal Clean for sensitive skin—6/10 (Not as great of a cleanser, but really nice for removing built-up makeup)


To Be Continued...

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