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skincare for men

Men's Skincare : The Essentials 

Are you getting curious about skincare?  Skincare may seem overwheming and complicated, but the fact is that it really doesn't need to be. Everyone with skin can and should take care of their skin.

You may even wonder if there is a different between men's skincare and women's skincare, but the fact is that the differences are minor and mostly due to marketing. 

Skincare is definitely for all genders – men can and should have their own skincare routine. Definitely, it's not only girls or women who wanted to achieve heathy skin, but boys and men do as well.  Men also deal with skin issues like skin sensitivity, acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

Understanding Difference Between Men's and Women's Skin

A lot of people wonder if there’s a difference at all between male skin and female skin… The answer is yes, but overall the same skincare products and routine can be applied for men. 

There is no such thing as skincare products for women, or skincare for men, think of it as skincare products suitable for your skin type and skin concerns. 

Men's skin tends to be slightly thicker compared to  women's skin – usually about 20% to 25% and this is due to the androgen hormones that men typically produce more of. 

A woman's skin is affected later in life,  especially after going through menopausal stage, meaning they lose less collagen than most men do when they are young but lose collagen faster after menopause. 

When it comes to oiliness, men tend to have more active sebaceous glands in general, but this is a broad statement as women can also have oily skin. 

Determine Your Skin Type

For men, you can determine if you have oily, dry, or combination skin by examining how tight your skin feels about 1-2 hours after washing with a gentle cleanser.   Dry skin will feel tight, and sometimes even flaky appearance.   Oily skin can feel slick and have a shiny appearance, pores may look enlarged and more prominent. If you have both oily and dry areas, it is called combination skin.

Shaving Often May Irritate Skin

Another difference is that men tend to be at a higher risk of irritation – mostly due to shaving mishaps.  Some women also like to shave in a process called dermaplaning.  Shaving adds friction and stress on men’s skin as it gets rid of the top layer of skin cells and if men need to shave often, this can lead to increased skin sensitivity or inflamed follicles. Shaving mistakes can cause men’s skin to suffer from troublesome infections.

How To Create A Skincare Routine For Men

Men need skin care just as women do - whether it is to prevent damage to skin, or control oily and acne prone skin.  Who says that skin care needs to be that complicated when it can be kept simple and effective? 

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your skin.

Daily Skincare Essential Steps For Men

1. Cleanse 

Use a gentle cleanser that is designed for the face.  You can find a facial cleanser in most department stores in the skincare aisle.  There may be a lot to choose from but a basic one that mildly foams can work.  Cleanse your face with the facial cleanser once in the morning, and evening.  

2. Protect and repair skin

Use a serum filled with antioxidants after cleansing.  This helps your final sunscreen step work better, and helps to prevent and reverse skin damage that may have happened from UV and pollutant exposure. We recommend a Vitamin C Serum for this step. A couple drops massaged in is all you need. 

3. Hydrate with a Sunscreen 

Every skincare routine essential should have sunscreen or SPF as the final step.  Many sunscreens also have moisturizing properties to them, so you may not need to use a separate moisturizer. You can look for any facial sunscreen with SPF 30+ broad spectrum and apply before heading out. 

Sunscreen should be applied even if its overcast.  This helps protect the ingredients of your other skincare, and prevents skin damage. 

skincare for men


If it's time for you to shave, you can go ahead shave first before doing your skincare routine. 

Shaving tips to avoid skin irritation

  1. Use a cleanser every time you shave.
  2. Always use a clean sharp razor... never go for razors that are blunt to avoid razor burns and bumps.
  3. Consider applying a separate moisturizer after the repair step. 

How To Choose The Best Skincare Product For Men

Here are 3 tips or keys to choosing the best skin care product:

  1. Know your skin type
  2. Don’t buy skincare just based on the packaging.  Focus on the ingredients.
  3. Consider your skin concerns

Your skin type will determine which skincare product formulations are suitable for your skin.  If you are using a product that is wrong for your skin type, you may not be getting the results you expect. 

Don't buy skincare just based on the Packaging.  While some skincare products may be marketed for men, they may actually contains a lot of unneeded fragrance so it smells like men's body wash or cologne. These fragrances are unnecessary and may cause irritation for some people.  Just focus on the ingredients.  

You may want to consider your skin concerns.   This may mean that you could be more prone to developing dark spots or uneven skin tone, or maybe you have more irritation or acne scars so sunscreen and vitamin c included in your skincare routine can prevent and heal that. Once hyperpigmentation starts, it's more difficult to fade away as we age. 

Basically, men's skin and women's skin are quite the same, only that men's skin tend to be slightly thick and tend to age differently. Both, however, need a good skin care routine to achieve healthy glowing skin.  

There are other skincare products and even tools that men can use, but for now this basic guide has what you need to start a good skincare routine.  

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