Holistic approach to fighting Acne

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It’s all a big cover up. Yes, make-up covers up bad skin. But it can also make it worse. When we have bad skin we hide it under a thick layer of make-up. We think it makes us more confident. But the truth is it makes us always doubt ourselves, and our self esteem takes a crash. Caring for acne prone skin is not easy, especially when we have so many sources tell us what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. I remember a time when I was so desperate to hide my skin that I bought a ton of make up only to realise that it made my skin worse.

While dealing with acne, a holistic approach is required. Look at yourself in the mirror. I know when we look at all the pimples and blemishes we begin to hate ourselves. But for just one second look at yourself. Look into your eyes and see the person you really are. The outside is just temporary. When you feel a little better, take a look at your skin. Ask yourself why your skin is flaring you like this? What is causing this condition? Is it your skin care routine or is it a health problem? If your acne is bad, please do not avoid going to the doctor. It is very important to know the source of the problem. Once you consult your dermatologist, make a promise to pay more attention to your skin.

Sometimes over the counter medication helps in reducing acne and the scars left by it. But sometimes you may need a prescribed medication to control it. Whatever the remedy you use, remember to follow it religiously. We often tend to skip a routine when we feel too tired or just lazy. Missing a day may feel like nothing but the long term affect will clearly show all the days you missed.

Do not try to use various creams or ointments at the same time. You may feel that if you lather up on products your skin may get better sooner. That is just not true. It will only make your skin age faster and can make your acne worse. So be very careful in the kind of products you choose to use on your skin. Try to buy products that are proven to have effect on acne prone skin. See which product suits your skin and stick to it.

Acne comes with scarring or blemishes for most of us. And we tend to hide these marks under layers of make-up. It is important to know your skin type before buying make-up. Choose a foundation that is suitable for sensitive or acne prone skin. Use a mineral powder over your foundation to give it an even look. But always remove your make-up before you go to bed. This is the most important part, as you do not want to clog your pores with all the dust and grime your make-up would have collect during the day. Before going to bed apply a light moisturiser which is gentle on your skin and let your skin breathe through the night. Skin needs to repair itself and it cannot do so if it’s not clean.

Also keep a track of what is going into your system. Eating healthy food keeps your skin’s natural glow and will help it heal internally. So, stock up on more fruits and vegetables, and opt for green tea instead of coffee. Green tea is a natural detoxing agent that will help you clear your acne prone skin. Use homemade face masks instead of going to a parlour for a facial. The more chemicals we add onto our skin the more our skin can get irritated and flare up.

Maintaining a healthy mind is as important as maintaining a healthy body. If you are stressed it shows on your skin. Make time to meditate or spend time in nature. When your mind is relaxed your skin will feel it too. Listen to some soothing music if you have had a bad day. Unwind with a warm bath. Do something that makes you happy. All of these things factor not just into living a healthy life but also does so much good for your skin.

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