5 Reasons you Need in Niacinamide your Beauty Regimen ASAP

5 Reasons you Need in Niacinamide your Beauty Regimen ASAP
by Kali Kushner

If you're looking for a powerhouse ingredient to stop aging, treat acne, and prevent rosacea- then look no further. Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin that works in conjunction with your skins natural function to reduce the appearance of pores, tighten and brighten the skin, and eliminate congestion for a radiant, more even complexion. And come on, who doesn't want that?

Niacinamide is extremely versatile at treating just about any skin type or concern when applied topically (or taken orally). Well known in the acne community for its ability to fight off pimples, Niacinamide has a few other unique properties that will convince you that you need it in your skincare routine ASAP.

1 Treats both Acne and Rosacea

Niacinamide helps to reduce the overall appearance of blemishes and congestion within the skin. It works to treat acne by balancing the natural sebum levels of your skin and preventing the over production of oil. For rosacea, Niacinamide works by soothing stressed skin and improving the barrier function response to common rosacea triggers like sunlight, cold, wind, or heat (it basically toughens up your skin).

2 Contains Anti-Aging Properties

If you feel like your skin is looking a tad dull or sallow, niacinamide will help you to restore that youthful glow. Not only does it improve collagen production, but also helps to synthesis the elastin in your skin- leading to a bouncier, more radiant appearance.

Niacinamide further works by protecting the skin from oxidative stress AND reversing any visible signs of aging. Constant exposure to free radicals can result in damage to the skin and an overall dull appearance. When Niacinamide is used as an antioxidant, it improves the current appearance of the skin and its ability to fight back towards any environmental stressors.

3 Strengthens the Skin Barrier

Niacinamide helps your skin to retain its natural moisture levels and strengthen the skin barrier; preventing your skin from losing water while protecting it from pollutants or irritants. This leads to overall balanced skin and a reduction in oiliness, dryness, splotchiness, or irritation that may occur when a barrier is impaired.

A strong skin barrier is extremely important when it comes to healing a slew of skin problems, including sensitivity, dryness, and flare ups of acne or rosacea.

4 Can Be Used in Any Skin Routine

One of the most unique things about Niacinamide is that it can be used in practically any skincare routine, and on any skin type. It can be used in conjunction with AHA's, BHA's, peptides, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and several different types of antioxidants. The only product Niacinamide shouldn't be used in conjunction with is Vitamin C.

When Niacinamide is combined with Vitamin C it counteracts the overall effectiveness and minimizes results. You can still use both ingredients, just not at the same time. A good way to balance this out is to use Vitamin C during your nightly routine, and niacinamide during the morning.

5 Suppresses Melanin

Whenever you lay out in the sunlight, your skin responds by tanning. This response is due to the pigment or melanin in your skin. Though this response is normal, overtime function can become impaired, leaving us with blotchy, uneven skin tone instead of an even golden tan.

This oftentimes happens when your skin becomes prone to hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide helps to slow down the process of melanin reaching the skin's epidermis, meaning that hyperpigmentation is less noticeable and lasts for a shorter amount of time. All that being said, if you're someone who suffers with incessant hyperpigmentation that lingers for months, this is going to be your saving grace.



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