5 Scientific Aspects You Need to Know about Microneedling for Acne Scars

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microneedling for acne scars

   By Emma Fan



Hi! I’m Emma Fan, a college student at Georgia Tech studying chemical engineering. When I was in primary school, my best friend, Ivy, was a confident girl who was always smiling.

However, everything changed when she reached twelve years old. Her skin began to develop lots of pimples and acne. She had tried all kinds of skincare products, visitations with dermatologists, even alternative Chinese medicine... However, all of these products and treatments only seemed to make her skin worse. I’ve seen my best friend became afraid to socialize with others! I really wanted to help her…

Before I came to college, I heard about a technology calledmicroneedling, that is becoming increasingly popular each year by curing acne and renewing our skin. I doubted if this was true. But if a microneedle could really help to cure Ivy’s skin, I needed to learn more. So, I decided to start my own research into microneedling and discover how it works. Now, I’m a researcher in the microneedle laboratory in Georgia Tech.



Let me introduce you to the amazing world ofmicroneedles.   

We'll reviewwhat is microneedling,how microneedling works,the safety of microneedling,effects of microneedling on acne scars, andhow to use microneedles.  

We’ll also help you solve the question,where to buy quality microneedling tools. Check some of ourbefore-and-after results.



What is mesotherapy?

What is microneedling?

Effects of microneedling



Before we learn more about microneedling, we need to know a concept called mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. It was first brought up by French researcher Michel Pistor in 1952. The mechanism of mesotherapy isproviding nutrients to the deep skin directly. It uses needles to do multiple subcutaneous injections over or near affected areas. It is well-known as causingminimal pain and amplified influence. Here are some miraculous benefits! –

  • Instant outcome
  • Lasting effect
  • Almost no trauma
  • Rapid recovery 

Unlike regular skincare treatments, mesotherapy allows the products to be absorbed deep into the skin. According to researchers, using mesotherapy for acne and scarring skin is 500 times better than using regular skincare products. 

It’s especially suitable for the modern busy lifestyles that want to pursue beauty. We don’t need operations to improve the skin quality and we can gain life-lasting beauty and confidence.



Microneedling is an effective and reproducible treatment for breaching stratum corneum and allowing topicals’ absorption. Amicroneedle product helps to create more than 200,000 microchannels on our skin in 5 minutes. These microchannels created can help nutrients directly enter our skin. They arereversible in nature andheal within several hours. It belongs to one kind of mesotherapy.

Microneedling is not a new concept. It existed 25 years ago and had gone through many experiments.

It’s becoming more and more popular in recent years since it iscost-effective, can be done onall skin types and colors, and can be done onareas which are not suitable for other skincare treatments. According to the researchers, microneedlingmaximizes the potential of skin regeneration ability.

Through microneedle, mesotherapy is a great DIY! It fundamentally solves the problem that all the skincare products face which are:

  • Passing the skin barrier
  • Percutaneous absorbance



    1. A speed-up metabolism
    2. Eliminates fine lines, wrinkles or loose skin
    3. Prevents spot formation
    4. Gives your skin a healthy glow
    5. Reduces hyperpigmentation
    6. A glowing skin, that is renewed and feels fresh
    7. Repairs skin damage
    8. Cures the acne marks/scars (old or new)
    9. Reduces cellulite
    10. Lessens appearance of stretch marks
    11. Helps improve uneven skin texture or large pores

      When your skin is facing several problems at the same timemicroneedling is one of the most effective treatments that can help you solve all of them simultaneously.



      Skincare knowledge 101

      How microneedling can cure acne scars and improve fine lines? (Why microneedling beneficial?)

      Does microneedling work on hyperpigmentation?

      To understand how microneedling works, I’ll explain more about the different layers of skin and skin functions.


      Skincare Knowledge 101

      Most of our body is covered by skin. It provides indispensable protection for us. From an anatomical view, human skin is mainly divided into two layers:Epidermis and Dermis, much like the two layers of an opened Oreo cookie.



      The outermost part of theEpidermis Layer is theStratum Corneum, which acts toprevent tissue fluids from escaping and blocking infection. The Stratum Corneum is approximately 10-15 μm and consists of 10-15 layers of keratinized cell epithelial tissue. These cells have lost their original nuclei and organelles because they have been keratinized and theywill not cause pain. The Stratum Corneum also has 10-20% moisture, which is a factor that makes the skin feel hydrated.

      TheDermis Layer is the tissue structure below the Epidermis Layer. The Dermis Layer is the last part of the skin and can reach a depth of 4mm. In the Dermis Layer, there arecollagen, elastin, and matrix, among which arenerves and nerve endings,blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, muscles, and skin appendages. This is also themain source of skin elasticity.

      Traditional cosmetic ingredients are slowly infiltrated by the skin; however, it isvery difficult to penetrate a certain amount of drug compound through the Stratum Corneum. Most drugs will beblocked by the Stratum Corneum. Ourmicroneedling technology solves this problem.


      How microneedling can cure acne scars and improve fine lines? (Why microneedling beneficial?)



      1. Stimulates the formation of collagen

      Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our skin. As we grow, our production of collagen reduces. Thereduction of collagen leads to the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and loose skins.

      Microneedling is also calledcollagen induction therapy. By usingmicroneedles, we can causetiny non-painful wounds on our skin and this signals our skin to cure these wounds. Once the skin receives the signal, it recreates collagen to cure them. As a result, the rough parts on our skin are filled withnewly produced collagen, which means acne scars and fine lines can be improved.


      1. Creating microchannels using microneedles 

      The Banishmicroneedles’ length is approximately 0.5 mm. During the treatment, the microneedlespierce stratum corneum and epidermis layers creating micro conduits (holes) on our skin. Since the holes didn’t reach the dermis layer, which contains nerves and blood vessels, Banish microneedling technologywon’t cause pain and bleeding.

      The holes formed paths on our skin, which can break through stratum corneum and directly inject small molecular compounds into our epidermis layer. In other words, microneedling helps our skin to absorb nutrients without hurting our skin. The microchannels make the human body easily and quickly absorb the ingredients, whichimproves the effectiveness of products.


      Does microneedling work on hyperpigmentation?



      Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of a part of normal skin caused byexcessive production of melanin and increased melanocytes. Many factors may lead to increased melanin, including exposure to sunlight, allergic reaction, hormonal imbalance, and skin injuries.

      Through microneedling,small injuries were made on the skin. During the healing process,the old layers of skin will peel off and form collagen for new layers of skin. Hyperpigmentation in the epidermis layer and dermis layer will reduce with microneedling.

      Thestudy shows that microneedling can improveboth acne scarring and hyperpigmentation at the same time. The patients got general “lightening” of skin color and improvement of scarring. The experiment got 79% satisfaction rate, indicating the expected results and safety of the microneedling treatment.


      Safety Of Microneedling

      Is at-home microneedling safe?

      Microneedling who can do it?

      People who are not suitable for microneedling

      Side effects or complications of microneedling

      Does microneedling damage skin?


      Is at-home Microneedling Safe? 

      The length of microneedles

      There are severaldifferent sizes of microneedles in the market, including 1.5 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.2 mm. Each length has a different function. Longer needles (more than 1.0 mm) are usually used in professional microneedling treatments since they are more dangerous and need professional training to operate.

      Banish uses a 0.5 mm microneedle, which will not reach the dermis layer and hurt our skin when used as instructed. With the 0.5 mm needles’ length, the microneedling tool can stimulate the formation of collagen and open microchannels for nutrients to enter. Compared to longer needles, itwill not cause bleeding and pain.



      24k gold

      The material that Banish using is24k gold coated titanium bristle, which is completely safe after sterilization.

      Puregold metal is called 24-carat gold (24k gold). It’s chemically unreactive, so it won’t easily react with the vapor in the air or the sweat on the skin. However, since pure gold is soft, it cannot be used as needles. It’s a good candidate for theouter layer

      Titanium is as strong as steel but much lighter weight. It does not corrode or tarnish, and non-allergenic, so Banish used it as theneedle.

      Banish utilizes the advantages of both these two metals and forms the 24k gold coated titanium microneedle products.


      What you need to know before usage

      Although Banish uses the best and safest material, all of our productsdo require alcohol sterilization before usage. Alcohol can kill the bacteria on microneedles that may damage and infect our skin. Banish microneedle products are safe to use by following the instructions on ourwebsite.


      Microneedling Who can Do it?

      • All ages
      • All skin types and colors

      Microneedling is suitable forall ages. It works better in younger patients because their skins have better repair ability. It doesn’t mean older users will see less effective results. The stimulation of microneedles facilitates the formation ofcollagen, while the older people produced less collagen. As a result, by microneedling,patients of all ages can see significant changes, including smoother skin and lighter acne scars on their skin.

      Microneedling can be applied toall skin types and colors, including combination and sensitive skin. The home usedmicroneedle products created by Banish have a length of 0.5 mm, which won’t damage the dermis. Itcan be done on areas that are not suitable for laser resurfacing or peeling, including areas around the eyes, mouth, neck and the back of the hands.

      If you want glowing skin with fewer acne scars, fine lines, and less pigmentation,join us and be one of the soldiers.


      People who are not suitable for microneedling:

      People who have unstable skin withactive acne, active infection, open wounds or cuts on the skin and keloid scarring (hypertrophic scars/poor wound healing) are not suitable for microneedling. It may take a longer time to recover for people who havepoor self-healing ability. It is also important to note that it is not suitable for those who have used Accutane within the past 3 months.


      Side effects or complications of microneedling

      Microneedle technology was also used in some other fields except for skincare, includingdrug delivery and tattoo. This technology is relatively mature, especially in the skincare field for curing acne scars. Severalscientific clinical trials have done and the results proved that microneedling is asafe and effective therapeutic option for the treatment of scars.


      Possible complications after microneedling including:

      1. Bleeding

      Bleeding is common after microneedling, especially long needles were applied for the treatment. In most circumstances, bleeding is not an issue because it is caused by needles reaching blood vessels in our skin. It takes a short time for the healing process. If you are still bleeding after 24 hours, you should go for doctors.

      1. Infection

      When there are bacteria, fungus or virus try to enter our skin, the immune system will block them. However, if the immune system is not strong enough, it may cause infection. In order to eliminate this complication, sterilize your skin and microneedles before the treatment.

      1. Pain and itching

      Pain is also normal during the microneedling process since long needles will reach nerve cells in the dermis layer. Itching is because your skin is healing microchannels created on your skin. These are not normal if they last more than a few days. Go to the hospitals as soon as possible.


      Again, the scientific experiments show that side effects are not common after microneedling. If the needles are longer than 1mm, do not do the treatment by yourself and ask professionals to help. With proper sterilization and standard products, the possibility of experiencing these side effects is less than 0.1%.


      Does microneedling damage skin?

      The mechanism of microneedling is utilizing human skins’ natural reactions to micro-wounds, healing and producing collagen, to improve acne scars and fine lines. Since it’s all based on thereversible nature of human skin, with the proper method of application, microneedling does not damage the skin.

      To learn more about knowledge of the skin, check

      Skincare knowledge 101.


      Effects of microneedling

      When do the microchannels close up and when skin barrier returns to normal?

      Microneedling: When can we see results?

      How long do the effects of microneedling last?

      At-home microneedling VS. Professional microneedling

      Botox VS. Microneedling efficacy on fine lines

      Microneedling VS. Chemical Peels for acne scars


      When do the microchannels close up and when skin barrier returns to normal?

      When microneedling, the stratum corneum barrier is disrupted and it causes the keep loss of water. The loss of water leads to the imbalance of skin, which triggers the skin healing process. So, theresearchers measured thetransepidermal water loss to calculate the time of pore closure.

      According toresearchers, the microchannels created by 0.5 mm metal microneedles have been reported toclose within 18 hours. These microchannels arereversible in nature and close in several hours depending on the length of needles. Therefore, microneedling technologydoesn’t damage skin and it’s a great way for controlled delivery of cosmetic agents.


      Microneedling: When can we see results?

      Microneedlingdoesn’t have immediate results since the skin will slowly repair itself. You may see redness on your skin at first, and a rounder and fuller skin tone in several hours. With the 0.5 mm needle length, home used microneedleBanisher won’t cause bleeding.

      Based on theconsumers of Banish, it usually takes2 to 4 weeks to see changes in the skin. To totally cure acne scars, the time is longer and varies from person to person. There is no exact answer to this question since everyone has a different skin healing time and different degrees of scars. If you want to know the effect of microneedling, check our consumers’before-and-after.


      How long do the effects of microneedling last?

      Skin is always growing and changing.No skin enhancement procedure is permanent, and microneedling is no exception. The results of microneedling will show in a few months and some patients will have continuous skin improvements after microneedling.

      There is no precise answer to this question. The recommended treatment for new Banish soldiers isonce a week. Once our skin achieves the desired results, which takes different time for different people, we can relatively reduce the treatment frequency. We can make our personal plan based on our experience for our own skin type and condition. You can also refer to other Banish soldiers’ before-and-after examples on ourwebsite.


      At-home Microneedling VS. Professional Microneedling



      Professional Microneedling

      • Not everyone is suitable
      • Needles are longer and more dangerous
      • Needs professionals to operate
      • Costs more
      • Painful and causes bleeding
      • Quicker effect and amplified benefits


      At-home microneedling

      • Suitable for a larger range of people with different skin conditions
      • Safer because of shorter needles
      • Convenient and DIY at home
      • Less than $100 and can do more than 40 treatments
      • Not painful at all and only cause redness
      • Sustainably but less effective results


      In comparison, both treatments have pros and cons. At-home microneedling is more cost-effective, available, convenient and popular.

      Some people may be concerned about the safety of using microneedling at home. To learn about the answer to this question, check our previous section: Is at-home microneedling safe?


      Botox VS. Microneedling efficacy on fine lines


      What is Botox (Botulinum Toxin injection)?

      Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment for reducing fine lines in America. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium Botulinum, an organism found in the natural environment. It can target our nervous system and paralyze muscles by preventing signals from the nerve cells. As a result, the areas with Botox injection will have fewer stiff muscles.

      The approved Botox treatments (BTX-A) has been proved for safety and efficacy. The minor adverse effects may exist, such as headache and injection-site reactions. However, there is a large amount of off-label Botox treatments (BTX-B), usually they can be easily purchased via the Internet, in the current market. These products, which haven’t obtained approval for cosmetic use, are considered unsafe and are potentially a severe health risk for patients.




      1. Quick results: It only takes 5-10 mins to inject Botox.
      2. Temporary procedure: If you are not satisfied with the result, your skin will go back to the original after 3-6 months.
      3. Safe under professionals: Botox injection is FDA approved because of its minimal risks and few side effects.
      4. Convenient: The quick injection can get similar results with plastic surgery.
      5. Few risks: Since the technology has been developed for a long time, a large number of clinical trials have proved Botox injection has few side effects.


      1. Requires professionals: The injection by non-professionals is not safe. You need to go to a trained professional for the injection in order to get an expected result.
      2. Allergic reactions: Some people may have reactions to the drug.
      3. Temporary: If you want to maintain the result, you have to continuously inject Botox after every 3 to 6 months
      4. Expensive: The cost of Botox varies, but usually it’s between $200 to $2000 each time based on the areas you inject.
      5. Painful: There are several reasons can cause painful injection, including too large needles, hitting the bones and so on. The best way is to go to an experienced professional for the injection.
      6. Side effects: Although Botox is safe and have few risks, there are still some side effects, including bruising, muscle paralysis, and headache.


      Both microneedling and Botox injections aresafe and efficient. They are both suitable forall kinds of skins

      The greatest advantages of Botox injections arequick results and costs less time.

      It only takes5 to 10 minutes to inject Botox and you only need to repeat the treatment every3 to 6 months. You can see the results right after the treatment.

      However, for at-home microneedling, it takes about10 minutes each week in order to maintain the results. Since the mechanism of microneedling is our natural healing process, it takes1 to 6 months to get the expected results.

       The greatest advantages of microneedling areconvenient, cheaper, more natural and it has several other skin benefits other than improving fine lines.

      At-home microneedlingdoesn’t require professionals to operate and it’s apparentlycheaper than Botox injections. Again, the mechanism of microneedling is our natural healing process, so it ismore natural compared to Botox injections, which injects a drug that doesn’t belong in our skin. Botox injections can only reduce fine lines, while microneedling canalso improve our skin tone and acne scars.

      Both treatments have pros and cons. Each patient can choose their own treatment based on their needs.


      Microneedling VS. Chemical Peels for acne scars

      A chemical peel is a chemical agent applied to the skin and causescontrolled destruction of skin layers. There are different degrees of Chemical peel based on how deeply the peel penetrates the skin: superficial (epidermis), medium (upper-dermis), and deep (dermis). After the upper layers of skin are removed, the regenerated epidermal and dermal tissues will cover our skin. It canimprove acne scars, fine lines, and uneven skin tones.

      Jessner’s peel is a medium depth chemical peel. Its solution contains lactic acid (skin renewal & moisturization), salicylic acid (keratolytic and anti-inflammatory), and resorcinol (skin renewal).




      1. Renew skin: A Chemical peel gets rid of the dead skin cells and renews skin for fresh, smoother skin appearance. It’s one of the most effective treatments for removing acne scars, fine lines, and skin pigmentation.
      2. Quick: A Chemical peel takes 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of chemical peels.
      3. Mild: The superficial and medium chemical peels are relatively gentle and safe.
      4. Efficient: The deep chemical peels can remove some deep acne scars. Patients can choose the type of chemical peels based on their needs.
      5. Convenient: Superficial chemical peels can be done at home. There are several products available online.


      1. Allergic reactions: People with sensitive skin and allergic skin is not suitable for chemical peeling.
      2. Infections: Since chemical peels largely destroy our skin, including the stratum corneum and skin barrier which prevents the entry of bacteria and fungus, infections may happen.
      3. Uneven skin pigmentation, higher risk of hyperpigmentation for people with darker skin tones. Some aggressive chemicals may damage our skin. People may get uneven skin pigmentation, especially for those who have a darker skin tone.
      4. Dryness, itchiness, and soreness: These side effects are common to chemical peels, especially people with sensitive skin since it removes the layer of skin. The areas around eyes, nose, and mouth are dangerous since the acid may burn them the most.
      5. Expensive: The cost varies from $150 - $6000 depend on the type of chemical peels if you do it by professionals. 


      The mechanism of chemical peeling and microneedling is similar: thenatural process of skin renewal. Theyboth can be done at home to reduce acne scars, fine lines and improve skin tones.

      The biggest difference between them is microneedlingcreates microchannels and let them heal without removing the whole layer of skin, while chemical peelingremoves all the affected areas. As a result, it takes longer time to recover for chemical peels.

      The advantage for chemical peels is deeper peels work better ondeep acne scars than microneedling. However, the drawback is that chemical peelscannot be applied to people with darker skin tone and sensitive skin because of the risk of causing hyperpigmentation and the range of surfaces it can be applied is not as broad as microneedling.


      How to use a microneedling tool?

      How often to microneedle at home?

      How to use microneedles Banisher 2.0

      Microneedling after usage

      • What topical products after microneedling can amplify its benefits?
      • Stay moisturized

      What should you avoid after microneedling?

      • Avoid exposure to the sun
      • Avoid makeup
      • Avoid “active” chemical ingredients
      • Avoid ice face
      • Avoid sweating


      How often to microneedle at home?

      The recommended time for using the Banisher microneedling isonce a week at home. Do not do microneedling treatment too often since it takes time for skin to heal and recover. If you cannot consistently use it, the result won’t be as effective as you expected.


      How to use microneedles Banisher 2.0? (check our video)

      1. Sterilize the Banisher using alcohol and let the bristles touch the alcohol for at least 5 minutes
      2. Let the Banisher air dry for 2 to 3 minutes
      3. Use light and even pressure, press the Banisher 4 to 5 times on each area with acne scars
      4. Rotate the Banisher about 90 degrees each time you press down


      Microneedling after usage (Post-treatment)

      What topical products after microneedling can amplify its benefits?

      1. PRP (Platelet-rich plasma)

      Human blood contains plasma, the clear liquid part, and small solid components, including red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets help to clot the blood when there is a wound so that human won’t bleed to death. PRP is the plasma contains much more platelets than the regular blood. In the past decade, PRP has emerged as a non-operative treatment for curing injuries.

      After microneedling, the most important thing for patients is waiting for microchannels to heal and improve acne scars or fine lines. According to the research study, 77.8% of patients have excellent and good responses to microneedling with PRP. The experiment “showed the improvement with respect to firmness and smoothness of skin; as well as post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation”.

      However, doing microneedling treatment with PRP is very complicated since PRP requires professionals to operate. For regular patients, they don’t have the ability to collect and centrifuge their blood to create PRP.

      Then, here comes our second candidate…



      1. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

      Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an antioxidant that maintains the biosynthesis of collagen on human skins. In order words, it accelerates skin repair, which can reduce acne scars, and it is a perfect product for anti-aging. The research study shows that vitamin C also helps the photoprotection from UV A&B and inhibit melanogenesis, which may cause hyperpigmentation.

      According to the researchers, using Vitamin C with microneedling had a 63% possibility (good and excellent response) leading a smoother skin. Applying Vitamin C after microneedling can amplify the benefits of both of them.

      Banish Oil is a fresh and natural serum to apply after microneedling. Its ingredients contain 99.9% Vitamin C, Vitamin E, aloe vera, rose water, and other natural products. It can help the healing process without irritating our skin. Moreover, it’s easy and convenient to use. You can put the oil on the cotton pad and just dab it on the affected areas.



      Then…What should we do?

      Stay moisturized!!!

      Applying Banish Oil right after microneedling helps speed up the healing process. Staying moisturized is also important after microneedling.



      Drinking water is the easiest way to stay hydrated. Oxygen and nutrients were delivered to the wound using water. A lack of water will disrupt normal cell function and delay the wound healing process.

      Except for supplying moisture through drinking water, we should also hydrate our skin by applying the natural skincare ingredients directly on our skin. Banish Vitamin C Spray contains Vitamin C, tea tree oil and aloe vera. Vitamin C is the antioxidant that promotes collagen, brightness and an even tone in the skin. Tea tree oil and aloe vera can calm the irritated skin after microneedling.

      The best product to help our skin stay moisturized is always crème. Banish Vitamin C crème is also 100% natural and contains Vitamin C, which can give a glow back to the skin. It is recommended to apply 24 hours after microneedling.



      What should you avoid after microneedling?

      Avoid Exposure to the Sun (Sun protection)

      Do not go outside for the rest of the day after microneedling because ultraviolet light may cause sun damage to your skin with open microconduits (holes).

      On the next day, you can wear sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) value of 30 or more when you are outside. Without sun protection, microneedling may lead to higher PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) induction risk and cause long-term trauma to your skin.


      Avoid Makeup (Microneedling When can wear makeup)

      Wear the makeup one day after usage. Since all of your skin channels are open, wearing makeup may lead to toxic artificial cosmetic ingredients to enter your skin and cause infection. We should only apply natural cosmetic ingredients before they heal. It doesn’t take a long time to heal the skin for regular people since our needles are short. Leave 24 hours for your skin to breath and recover after microneedling. Applying natural cosmetic ingredients may accelerate the healing process.


      Avoid “Active” Chemical Ingredients

      There are lots of skincare ingredients may harmful to apply after microneedling. Alpha Hydroxyl acid and Retinol (Vitamin A), which can help anti-aging, may irritate the sensitive skin. Also, chemical agents such as esters, azones, cyclodextrins, etc. have been proved to disrupt the stratum corneum layer and delay the recovery time.


      Avoid icing face

      Some people may choose to ice face after microneedling since the skin is irritated. However, you should not ice face or take arnica or bromelain, which will interfere with our natural inflammatory process. If you can’t stand the redness and inflammation on the skin, applying a cooling mask may bring you comfort.


      Avoid Sweating

      Exercising should be avoided after microneedling since sweating may lead bacteria to enter our skin. It may cause infection and adverse reactions. Also, swimming is banned after microneedling in 24 hours.


      Where to buy a quality microneedling tool?



      Banisher 2.0 (Derma Stamp)

      • 24k Gold Coated Titanium Bristles promotes collagen
      • Lasts 2x as long as the first Banisher
      • Finer and sharper bristles
      • Less irritation so you can use more often
      • Needles go into the skin with 90 degrees
      • Lower risk of needle stick injury



      The Banisher Roller used the technology ofdermaroller, the first appeared microneedling product for skincare. The newBanisher is safer, more convenient, more effective for deep scars, and causes less irritation. It prevents the risk of "Tram track" scarring which may be caused by rolling microneedles.


      Here are some before-and-after results from Banish soldiers…

      More examples @banishacnescars Instagram account and Banishwebsite.


      Microneedling before-and-after


      Submitted By Madeline @madraesha
      "I won the original Banisher + Banish Oil in a giveaway from @prettyprogress23 in May 2018. I have been using the Banisher + Banish Oil all the way up until a month/two months ago when I switched to the Banisher 2.0 + Oil. Let me be very frank when I say that this product is the ONLY product that has worked for my acne scars. It is literally a miracle at-home spa treatment for acne-prone skin. I have super sensitive, acne-prone skin and have struggled with acne/acne scars since the 6th grade (now a third year college student) and I will continue to buy Banish until the day I die. 1000/10 rating. Do not hesitate, buy these products. Your skin will thank you. "

      Submitted By Customer Used  Banish Kit
      and Pumpkin Enzyme Masque. Age 14, caucasian skin

      "I was in such a hard time in my life and I felt so empty but now I love myself again and I have used the Banisher about 4 times and I see a difference after about a week of each use."


      Submitted By myjourney3212 Used  Banish Starter Kit


      "I remember trying so many products trying and trying to find something to help my skin. Spending so much money on products that “guaranteed” to help my skin. I honestly was just giving up at one point and thought this was just gonna be my skin forever honestly. I came across @banishacnescars and decided I’ve give one more shot and that was honestly the best shot that I ever did take. The banish kit is what DID THIS. Literally AT HOME, in my own comfort! Amazing if you ask me."


      Submitted by Jeni. Age 21. Used Banish Starter Kit 

      "I’ve been using the banish starter kit for approx. a month. I have definitely been seeing results. I use the Banisher every two weeks. I use both masks 1-2 a week. and the elixir and vitamin c after Banisher. So far so good. Left is before Right is after"

      Amazed by the awesome power of microneedling? I know I can’t wait to take this back to Ivy when we meet again this summer. What are you waiting for? Check out our website now! Whether you are suffering with pimples or you have a friend who wants to cure their acne scars, we can help you to Banish them together!


      Works for most of us; otherwise, return it within 30 days from ship date for your money back!


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