5 Ways To Combat Acne

October 30, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Celine

First, let’s talk about acne (I’m not a dermatologist nor an expert but these are just what I know about acne). Acne happens to everyone; there are the white heads, blackheads, nodules, pustules, the cystic ones (red, inflamed ones with no head) and we’ve got to admit that they’re never welcomed. Acne is an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands of our skin. The main causes of acne are usually due to hormones, bacterial infection, blocking of hair follicles and not to forget the external factors as well.

My breakout comes and goes whenever they please and it usually gets worse when I’m about to get my period. It’ll end up becoming one of those days where I would just feel like staying at home and wait for the breakout to calm down.

Here are 5 of the  things that I do to calm a breakout.

1. Firstly, I try to drink a lot of water! I usually have a large bottle of water with me whenever I’m at home. The benefits of drinking water is that it will not only help flush toxins out from your system but it will also help in keeping you hydrated which is a good thing besides the frequent bathroom visits. If water is too plain for you then you can add a slice of lemon or DIY your own infused water. With that, you can stay hydrated and get extra benefits as well.  

2. Next, I like to use an acne patch to prevent myself from touching the pimple and also to prevent bacteria from entering my already inflamed skin. Whenever I'm breaking out, I like to stick the acne patches all over the active pimples.

3. I know that it can be tempting to pick at the pimple but that’s not going to make it any better! Popping a pimple will not only cause the bacteria on your fingers to be transferred into your skin but also the pus-filled sac under your skin to possibly rupture and spread the bacteria elsewhere causing more pimples to pop out on other places of your face.

 4. Furthermore, I NEVER go to sleep without taking off my makeup! Sleeping with your makeup on can clog pores and allow bacteria to be trapped on the surface of your skin thus causing pimples to surface. I always make sure to double cleanse (or triple cleanse) my face; making sure to completely remove my makeup before going to bed.

5. TIP* On nights where I’m totally drained, I’d reach out for my cleansing lotions. Cleansing lotions kind of has the whole package. Based off what I know, they cleanse, tone and moisturize your face all at once! There’s no need to rinse it off. Though, I would still prefer to double cleanse if I wasn’t too tired.

By practicing these habits that I have recently disciplined myself to do, I’ve seen changes with the condition of my skin even though I still breakout every now and then.

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