What it's Really Like Growing up With Acne

September 30, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Sierra

Growing up with acne sucks!! I remember the first time I got a pimple, I was in sixth grade… It was on my nose, and HUGE! So big I would get teased, so big my best friend and I were viciously trying to pop it and use various products to dry it out. Eventually it went away leaving a small scar. Only to come back bigger and with a visitor. 


Two large pimples on my nose, this was the worst lol. I remember I had no other choice but to put a bandaid on my nose. I didn’t leave the house for a few days because I was so embarrassed. Again my best friend and I tried to pop and dry them out.

Her mom had donated this mask type product that helped tremendously. I don’t know what that stuff was called all I know is it came from Nordstrom and was “very expensive” let my best friend tell it. The product was grey and clay like and it had a very distinct smell, almost like sulphur. No matter how bad it smelled it worked. Every night until the pimples went down I would slather this product on my nose.

Finally these two pimples went away and I was happy. Other than those two humongous pimples I didn’t really have any issues with pimples until the end of middle school. As I was beginning to transition into high school I began to have small breakouts. Mostly on my forehead and looking back this was probably because of the products I used in my hair and vicious baby hairs I would lay down.Even with those small breakouts here and there my skin still was soft, supple, and resilient.

Looking back on old pictures I can’t help but admire and long for that supple clear looking skin. Here I am 25 years old and trying to recover from the worst few years my skin has ever seen. I don’t know what's worse, having acne as an adult or those twin pimples on my nose in sixth grade. I would rather have those two pimples on my nose than deal with all the problems I am having now.

Over the past three years the condition of my skin has been on a roller coaster ride. I’ve seen two different dermatologists and spent endless amounts of money on various products that may or may not have worked. One thing I have learned on my skincare journey is just how sensitive and delicate my skin is but at the same time it is also very strong.

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