The Beginning of my Bad Breakouts that Felt like They'd Never End

By Sierra

So throughout high school my skin was fairly clear with a few breakouts here and there but mostly on my forehead and nothing major. After high school my skin still remained clear. It wasn’t until I was about to turn 21 that I noticed my skin was changing. I began to get bigger pimples and my “scarring” was worse and took a little longer to heal. So once again I asked my mom if I could go to the dermatologist.

Again I was prescribed differin but this time she also told me to purchase Neutrogena acne clearing wash as well as Cerave lotion. I would wash my face twice daily and follow up with the lotion only applying the Differin at night. In no time my skin was back to being clear and radiant, towards the end of 2011 is when I noticed my skin was again, getting “worse”. But once again as I look back I see that I contributed to the decline of my skins condition.

In a frenzy to quickly fade hyper-pigmentation I began to slather olive oil on my face… Because one of my friends said that was her regimen and it worked. So I naively decided to try this method. At first it appeared to be working, my skin was soft, supple and clear.

And then… slowly I noticed I began to get a few more pimples, this time bigger and more red. As the year was coming to an end I wanted to make sure I was looking right for new years. I had a few scars I wanted to get rid of so I purchased Ambi fade cream hoping that it would quickly work.

I then began to slather on this cream on daily. It took a few weeks for the effects to show and when they did… I was pissed! I went from having hyper-pigmentation to a face inflamed and full of huge zits. They were HUGE and redder than Rudolph's nose, luckily not over my entire face just concentrated on my cheeks. Not only was I distraught I was confused, I had no idea that the combination of olive oil and the fade cream caused this breakout.

Sad and depressed I had to ask my mom yet again to see my dermatologist. At the age of 21 my skin as I knew it was changed forever. And then it all began.

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