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By Roma

I have suffered from my skin disease for a long time now. After the failure of medication; I, once again moved back to the dark life that I once thought I had left behind me but I  was wrong. I stopped taking the medication prescribed by my dermatologist because of its diverse side effects. I had no clue what to do with my life now. My acne started popping out again.

Every time I encountered a new pimple I would just pop it out and squeeze it so that it wont make me look as bad. I have a very fair color which, at this point in my life ; I thought was a big disadvantage for me because each time a pimple popped out on my skin it would be so visible and apparent  for even a distance of 10 feet. I used to love my skin color but acne made me hate my color, in fact , to be very honest with you; acne made me hate my existence.

I was told not to squeeze any pimple as it would leave its mark and give me scars at a later stage but I just wanted to get rid of it at that time regardless of the fact that it can cause more problems in the future; like it has now.

After failing the medical treatment I once again tried to look into things myself with the help of the internet and by reading stories of people who lived with acne. One day while reading a review online I came across the fact that how affectively benzoyl peroxide works on pimples as it dries out the puss and the sebum that causes the acne. I therefore, started Clearasil that had 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment. This tiny tube was very expensive in my country but I saved enough to buy myself a tube after almost every 15 days.

I would apply a pea size to each pimple and wait eagerly for it to dry out. I carried on using it for about 5 months. It turned out to be a effective from the outside but I was much more concerned with what was happening to me inside my body.

I wanted to find the root cause of this problem and kill it . During the fall of 2007 my skin became super sensitive to anything that I applied to cure acne. It literally started getting wrinkles because of the over dryness of my skin because of the excessive use of benzoyl peroxide in such an excess. So once again my treatment for acne failed.


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