How I Finally Got Rid Of My Acne

November 20, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Roma

In 2010 when my acne was on its peak my school arranged a farewell party for the graduates. Every one wanted to look better then the other person no matter if that other person was your best friend. I refused to go to this party because I knew that I was going to look worst then all of them. I cried to myself that night. This was the only party that I had been waiting for in ages and when it arrived I was not even able to go there with the person that I was. I was afraid to face the world with my acne. I was afraid of the people’s judgements. I was afraid of myself now.

Time flew by and I was in graduate school now I decided to keep the memories of the past in the past and move one. I studied more about human biology and the face anatomy. I started exploring more about acne and exactly what causes it. What was sebum, how to stop its excessive secretion etc. My mum once again decided to took me to another dermatologist however, she was still afraid of the consequences that medical treatment may have.

But now that I was a hundred percent sure that the problem was inside my body ; I really wanted to give the medical treatment another try. This time the medicine that I was prescribed was called Oratane . I used it for 6 month until I started seeing the visible results. I used this medication for over 2 years and in 2014 I was glad to discover that the acne stopped.

No one can imagine how happy I felt each day while I was on this medication. I started loving myself again. I started seeing hope for my future and my mum started smiling again because of she saw me smiling now.

I guess the bad days were over and now I was only left with the visible scars that were left because of me picking the pimples. I really regret popping out my pimple now but I believe that I had no choice at that time in my life. I just could not resist a new pimple every day on my skin so I just had to pick it in order to get immediate gratification. This was the right time to see a cosmetologist and talk to them about my acne scars and I knew this was not going to be easy and that it was going to cost me a fortune again.

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