A Few Acne Dark Spots

By: Megan

My skin. I never really worried about my skin, or what could happen to it. I had the most clear skin, and pimples or acne dark spots never really occurred to me ever. I was twelve, and for any twelve-year old girl, that means growing up to be a woman. Your body grows and changes, and every month you get cramps and the worst days of your life, but that’s growing up for you.

My mom always told me everyday to brush my teeth, put on my deodorant, wash my face, but I never felt like doing those things. Oh boy, I definitely should have listened to my mom. And yes, I was  a very gross kid but that’s just me. Then one day, when I was with my mom doing errands, she pointed out a pimple right on my forehead. And I had a feeling of self-consciousness, and she told me to wash my face. That’s what I did. I took my brother’s face wash, and probably slathered a quarter of the bottle on my face, and burned my eyes in the process. Knowing absolutely nothing about skincare, I didn’t moisturize or tone or whatever I do now in my everyday routine.

My mom didn’t point out that pimple in a mean way; more like in a “what did I tell you” kind of way. I never really knew what my face type was, or the right products I should use for acne dark spots, I just used whatever soap there was in the cabinets. It was currently summer before my last year of middle school, and my face was luckily pretty clear, a pimple mark here and there. I had a month till school, so I was safe for now, and my skin was at bay. Still, my knowledge on skincare remained the same.

I slathered chemicals on my face, and could’ve put foot lotion on my face for all I know. I got breakouts every once in awhile, and I didn’t really worry about it. Just would like to give a shout out to Neutrogena and Clean & Clear, for having my back, back in seventh grade. My skin was great, my life had no worries, puberty didn’t even happen yet, I was okay. With just a few acne dark spots, my self-esteem crashed down to the ground, and this acne journey I was about to go on, was not going to be exciting.

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