Meat, Dairy, Oil and Acne on Skin

I am just going to be brutally honest here and many people will not agree or like it. Meat and dairy can greatly increase acne on skin. Now before you jump at me telling me about how great that 8-ounce chicken breast is for your health, hear me out. Animal products from factory farms (the meat you get at the grocery store) have so many additional hormones that your body doesn’t need or want.

To make the animals grow unnaturally large they have to be given an unbelievable amount of hormones. Then the animals are way too big to be living in the areas that they are living and infections begin spreading so the animals are also on high levels of antibiotics. Those added hormones and antibiotics do not go away once the animal is slaughtered. It is the same way for milk.. the cows are given antibiotics and added hormones which make its way to your body from the milk.

These added hormones increase your acne on skin, especially if you’re a woman and your acne is hormonal. If you are a meat eater and aren’t planning to change that you can get meat from local farms where the animals are raised humanely. This meat will not have added hormones but is definitely more expensive. As for milk, I switched mine to almond milk which I love because it really fills be up and tastes so sweet. If you would like to drink real milk Horizon has organic milk from cows that are raised humanely without added hormones. This milk is also very yummy!

Oil is something else that I have cut out of my diet as much as possible. I got this idea from Nina and Randa on youtube. These two girls cured their acne by begin vegan and cutting out all types of oil, from the oil that you put on your skin in products to the oil that you eat. I decided to give it a try. Now I cook with water in the pan instead of olive oil and just try to stay away from it as much as possible and man has I seen a difference! I already have very oily skin so eating more oil would just make it worse. Since I have cut oil out I would say that my oil levels are about normal which is crazy for someone who has struggled with shiny faces for years! If you’re interested in this concept search Nina and Randa on youtube and you will find lots of videos.

Even if you don’t want to go full vegetarian, just making some substitutes will help your body. When I don’t have my almond milk and am forced to use regular milk I will have a break out the next day. All skin is different, so this may not be what is affecting your acne but if you have tried all other ways start thinking about how what you put in your body could be affecting your skin. It might not even be meat or dairy, it could be gluten or oil. It only makes sense that what you're put inside your body is going to affect the outside of your body.

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