Chemical Peel for Rosacea

By: Maryam

The first time I realized there was something I could clinically do about my acne, I was waiting outside a class in university to take an exam. There, a classmate approached me and said, “I notice you suffer from rosacea.” And gestured towards my cheeks. I was taken aback, and slightly embarrassed. She went on to explain, “I’m an aesthetician, I can help you! 

Rosacea, it’s really triggered by sunlight.” She went on to describe my symptoms and I related more and more; so that I overcame my initial shock and started to take her seriously. I guess I hadn’t really thought of the possibility of people juggling careers as well as going to school part time, but here she was! An aesthetician that took one look at my skin and came up to diagnose me and do something about it. She changed my skin and my life forever.

I started visiting Yazmin at her little clinic in Jean-Talon, Montreal. I was 20 years old and she taught me the importance of moisturizing. She taught me how to care for my extremely sensitive skin and the importance of sunscreen. She gave me my first chemical peel on a student-friendly budget, and ever since I’ve been hooked. That first chemical peel, quite literally, shed new light on my skin. I never thought such results could be achieved. I never knew that there were proven methods to combat what ailed me. No one ever taught me before her. I will forever be grateful to Yazmin.

These days I will treat myself to a chemical peel when my skin has suffered a particularly bad breakout, which usually leaves scars all over my face. The chemical peels will vanquish my acne and mostly take care of the scarring, leaving me bright and fresh. I often felt like my breakouts would overwhelm my face and that chemical peels were kind of like a restart button I could rely on. However, since I don’t believe it’s healthy to rely on peels for clear skin, I went on birth control to tame my acne and so far, it has worked. Now I just take a chemical peel if I feel I have dull skin or if I really want to pamper myself, since I associate them with feeling and looking my best. 

I like to think of myself as a chemical peel connoisseur, I know when one is of good value and when it is not. I like to sample from all over the place, but as of late I do have my top ranking chemical peels. I will say, the more you spend the better the results are. They are slightly painful, a little bit harsh, but oh so worth it if your self-esteem feels devastated by a cloud of bad acne and you are in need of instant, proven results. Yazmin always said, “Your face is your signature. It’s the first thing people will know you by. You want it to reflect your best!”

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