Adult Acne Treatment: The No No’s

I have been battling adult acne for about 10 years now, and can say with absolute certainty that I have yet to find a system or solution to my problem.  Over the years, however, I have learned a few things, and I consider myself an expert on what NOT to do. So learn from my mistakes, as I walk you through some really big no no’s as you continue your adult acne treatment.

No No No.1

Don't. Pick. At. Your. Face. I know this seems pretty obvious, but it seriously is one of the worst things you can do to your skin, so stating the obvious is necessary.  Many many times I've looked into my stupid magnified nightstand mirror and squeezed the life out of those zits only to leave my skin irritated and red, with a new pimple popping up right next to it anyway. The reason for this is the spread of bacteria both beneath the skin and at the surface. Aside from spreading the bacteria, messing with it too much WILL leave a scar, and scars are not easy to rid yourself of. Hands. Off.

No No No.2

Wash. Your. Makeup. Brushes. Remember all that nasty bacteria? It's on your brushes too. It's important to clean them at least every other day (if you're a daily makeup user like me.) No need to buy the fancy expensive cleaning solutions, any mild soap will work great. Run the brush tip under the sink, place a drop of soap in your hand and swirl the bristles around your palm. Rinse your brush (and hand, duh) until theirs is no visible trace of makeup or soap.

No No No.3

Don't. Fall. Asleep. In. Your. Makeup. Bad!!! I get it, sometimes when you're sleepy you just want to sleep. Force yourself into the bathroom and wash your face, or the stuff that makes you look pretty could turn on you over night. When makeup sits on your face overnight, it can clog your pores. I'm going to go ahead and assume you're all aware of what happens when your pores are clogged.

No No No.4

Stop. Consuming. Garbage. Well, not literal garbage….but you all know the term you are what you eat. Wouldn't you rather be a nice smooth cantaloupe than a crunch bar? That's not funny, but seriously, what you put into your body affects what's on the outside. Make it something good.

No No No.5

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. And then when you're done, you can go ahead and hydrate some more. Water is not only essential to our survival, drinking enough of it keeps our bodies in top condition. In addition to keeping acne in check, staying hydrated helps prevent premature aging, and restores lost suppleness to the skin. So drink up, and have a glass for me while you're at it.

As I said in the beginning, I do still suffer from acne. Why? Probably because of these 5 no no’s I've laid out for you to follow are more difficult to follow than they seem. For me, anyway. Good luck to you! Stay diligent with your adult acne treatment, and follow these instructions religiously. Doing so will more than likely result in healthy, clear skin.

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